Environmental, Agricultural, and Cultural Preservation


The Environmental, Agricultural, and Cultural Preservation Committee meetings are held in the Council Chamber at 1:30 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to the first and third Fridays of each month; however, the schedule is subject to change. The Committee may also periodically schedule site inspections.

Agendas, Minutes and Other Documents

Link to view available agendas, minutes for the Environmental, Agricultural, and Cultural Preservation Committee.
Effective February 21, 2017, the following committee documents such as Items List and Committee Reports are available at www.mauicounty.us. Committee meeting agendas and minutes are available on this page and at www.mauicounty.us.


  • Shane M. Sinenci, Chair
  • Tasha Kama, Vice-Chair
  • Kelly T. King
  • Alice L. Lee
  • Michael J. Molina
  • Tamara Paltin
  • Yuki Lei K. Sugimura


  • Issues relating to the protection, preservation, and enhancement of the environment, including recycling..
  • Conservation and protection of agricultural lands, promotion of diversified agriculture, increasing agricultural self-sufficiency, and assuring the availability of agriculturally suitable lands.
  • Authorization of permits for events and activities conducted on Maui County’s public parks and facilities.
  • Energy issues (including solar, geothermal, wind, biomass, hydropower, wave energy production, biofuel and synthetic fuel production, power systems, and energy-efficient technologies for buildings).
  • Operations and performance audits of the Department of Environmental Management, Environmental Protection and Sustainability Division only, including the operational oversight of any grants it administers.
  • Implementation of the following General Plan objectives:
    i. Protect the Natural Environment.
    ii. Preserve Local Cultures and Traditions.

Committee Staff

◾Kasie Apo Takayama, Legislative Analyst
Nicole Siegel, Committee Secretary
John Rapacz, Legislative Attorney

Contact Information:

 Email: EACP.committee@mauicounty.us
 Ph: (808) 270-7838
 Fax: (808) 270-7686