Digital Zoning Map Update Project

Over the last several years, the Maui County Planning Department has undertaken a project to replace the County’s official paper zoning maps with digital or electronic versions.  The Planning Department affectionately gave this project the name DSSRT (“dessert”) which is an acronym for Dead Sea Scrolls Replacement Team.  Along with the goal of replacing the County’s prized but very old, worn, and outdated paper zoning maps (otherwise known as “the Dead Sea Scrolls”) with accurate, up-to-date GIS (Geographical Information System) data layers (digital maps), a second goal is to address inconsistencies and mapping alignment issues.  Some examples include: zonings that don't match the current uses, boundary lines that overlap or have gaps, and zoning districts that do not exist.

The Department plans to fix the zoning for these problem areas, and affected property owners have been notified.  In March and April 2017, public informational meetings were held in Kihei, Wailuku, Lahaina and Pukalani.  The project was then presented to the Lanai, Molokai and Maui Planning Commissions in October 2017.  See the presentation. 

All three Commissions unanimously recommended approval to the Maui County Council of the digital zoning maps and the accompanying Bill(s) For An Ordinance to revise relevant language in Maui County Code Title 19 (Zoning). The proposed bills to amend Title 19 and the accompanying digital zoning maps, as well as a report of the three Commission's unanimous recommendation for approval,  will now be forwarded to the Maui County Council for their review and adoption.  We anticipate a hearing will be scheduled in early-mid 2018.

Read the Staff Report and Bill for Ordinance to learn more.

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