Real Time Data

Find out what the current conditions are near you.

Click on the links below to know the current rain gage data, stream flow data, and the current sea levels.  This information can keep you informed on the local weather conditions.
Real time rain gages for the state of Hawaii - click HERE.  
See an example of the rain gage data chart below.
When accessing the real time data from the rain gages, find the "Available Parameters" area at the top of the page, adjust the date range, and click GO.
Rain Gages for Maui County:
   Real time rain gage for Kepuni Gulch, Maui, HI - click HERE
   Real time rain gage for West Wailuaiki near Keanae, Maui, HI - click HERE
   Real time rain gage for Puu Kukui, Maui, HI - click HERE
Real time stream flow data for many locations in Maui County - click HERE
Click HERE to find out what the sea levels are right now
View alerts and emergencies in your area by visiting the Alert Center page HERE

Sample real time rain gage - USGS