Flood Preparedness

Be Prepared

Maui County is subject to flooding from both the Pacific Ocean and inland flooding from heavy rainfall.  Being prepared is your best defense against such events.  

What to do before a flood?

  • Keep an emergency kit with supplies and rations
  • Determine if your property is located in an area subject to flooding
  • Purchase flood insurance on your property
  • Maintain gulches, ditches, and pipes by keeping them free of obstructions from debris
  • Protect your property from flooding and wind damage
  • Meet permitting requirements

Make a flood plan

Have a Family Communication Plan for your family. Find one HERE.

Did you know...
The 100 year flood does not happen every 100 years. The term has been adopted to simplify the 1% annual exceedance probability. Every year there is a 1% chance that there will be a flood that exceeds the base flood elevation (BFE).

Iao Valley House too close for comfort to the torrent caused by heavy rains