Automatic Bill Payment


The Maui Department of Water Supply invites you to select an easy way to pay your water and sewer bill with our Automatic Bill Payment (ABP) service. Your participating bank, savings and loan, or credit union can pay your water and sewer bill by deducting the amount due automatically from your financial account.

Sign Up

To sign up, fill in the authorization form and mail to:
Department of Water Supply
Customer Service Division
200 South High St.
Wailuku, HI 96793-2155

Don't forget to attach a check marked "VOID" showing your complete financial account number and the name of your financial institution. For questions, call the Customer Service Division at (808) 270-7730, extension 2.


When you sign up for ABP, you are authorizing your financial institution to automatically deduct the amount due for your water and sewer bill. Deductions will be made 20 DAYS AFTER THE BILL IS GENERATED, giving you enough time to review the bill and call the Maui Department of Water Supply if you have any questions.

ABP is a free service that can be stopped at any time by calling the Department of Water Supply at least 10 business days before the payment is scheduled to be made.

If a payment is returned, it will be subject to return check charges. If two payments are returned, your ABP will be terminated.