Revisions to the Parking Code

Proposed Revisions to the Parking Code, Chapter 19.36B, Maui County Code

The Planning Department is proposing revisions to the County's parking ordinance to make it easier to read, understand and administer.  The changes are based primarily on feedback the Department has received from property and business owners who have struggled to meet some of the outdated and inapplicable requirements that are in effect today.  For the most part, the changes are more lenient and provide greater flexibility and clarity.  In a few instances, though, the changes would increase the parking requirement for a few specific uses that typically have inadequate parking, such as large single-family homes.

To review a side-by-side comparison of the existing code and the proposed changes, click here.  This also provides a summary of some of the key changes.

 To review the draft proposed bill, click here.

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