Proposed Revisions for Accessory Dwellings

Proposed Revisions for Accessory Dwellings, Chapter 19.35, Maui County Code

The Planning Department is proposing revisions to County requirements relating to accessory dwellings, commonly referred to as "ohanas" or "cottages."  The overall objective is to allow more ohanas than are currently allowed, and to make them more livable by increasing their size.  It is unquestionable that ohanas provide an important component of Maui County’s affordable housing stock; with the current housing crisis, increasing the number and size of ohanas will help working families find homes that are livable and affordable.

Based on the comments that were received from several agencies, it is clear that not all properties subject to the proposed bill would be able to build a new ohana, or would be able to build a new ohana without it being cost-prohibitive. Regardless, the Department believes the proposed bill would offer additional opportunities to develop affordable housing without extensive entitlement and permitting requirements.

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