Performance Management

performance review meetingThe County of Maui is dedicated to the use of performance management and the use of data as a basis for decision making. Since 2015, the Department of Management has worked with each of the departments within the executive branch to greatly improve and expand the use of performance measures in the management of departmental operations. This shift in focus has lead to greater efficiencies and understanding of program effectiveness.

As part of our performance management system, we conduct regular internal reviews to ensure data is being utilized in the management decision making process, hold regular quarterly peer reviews of departmental key performance indicators, compare results against benchmarks (US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, Government Finance Officers Association, American Water Works Association, ICMA's Open Access Benchmarking Product, and Federal Transit Administration), and we encourage the sharing of management actions that may benefit other departments facing similar challenges or situations related to performance. In addition, we believe that it is critical to provide ongoing support and training to all departments to further enhance our performance management system. As such, we have held training sessions to improve understanding and hone measures which are currently in use by departments.

Please feel free to navigate to any of the departments listed here to view their top five key performance indicators (KPI). In addition to these KPIs, the Mayor, on a quarterly basis, transmits to the Maui County Council an update on all performance measures that are tracked by the departments.