Water Conservation

County of Maui Landscape & Gardening Handbook
The 2011 County of Maui Landscape and Gardening Handbook was developed by the Department of Water Supply as a resource for people who want to save water in the yard and learn about what and how to plant in certain areas. It gives a wealth of information on xeriscaping, including xeriscape’s seven basic principals, list of native plants appropriate for each plant zone, and other useful resources.

County of Maui Community Gardens Project
The Department of Water Supply, along with Maui community groups, participates in an assortment of garden projects. The goal of the projects is to demonstrate the benefits of using native plants and water conservation in the landscape.

New Handbook

Please visit the Community Gardens Project to see some of the xeriscape and native plant gardens cultivated around Maui.

Conserving Water
Please check around your property for leaks, water your yard less frequently, and use low-flow fixtures. Together we can protect our water resources.

The Department of Water Supply has some free items available to the public:
  • Shower Heads
  • Faucet Aerators for the Kitchen and Bathroom
  • Leak Detection Dye Tablets (to check toilets for leaks)
Please fill out and submit the Low Flow Fixture Data Form to receive your free items. Bring the completed form in to the Water Resources & Planning Division at:
One Main Plaza
2200 Main Street, Suite 102
Wailuku, HI

You can also obtain this form by stopping by the office. Help us conserve water, Maui County.