Landfill Tipping Fee Waiver Request Procedures


Landfill Tipping Fee Waiver Requests are granted by the Director of Environmental Management on a case by case basis driven by the following Maui County Code:

8.04.050 E - Disposal charges.
E. The director may waive disposal charges for nonprofit organizations and organizations participating in a County-sponsored event if the organization:

  1. Has a recycling operating permit issued by the State of Hawaii, department of health;
  2. Submits information, on a form specified by the department, verifying the organization's participation in recycling programs or projects.

(Ord. 3562 § 1 (part), 2008: Ord. 3052 § 8, 2002)


Please complete the Landfill Tipping Fee Waiver Request Form (in its entirety) and Recycling Verification Form (Part A) and submit via email to the Solid Waste Division at least thirty (30) days before your event. Incomplete and un-timely requests will be denied.

If waiver(s) are issued and redeemed, you must then complete Part B of the Recycling Verification Form.  Requester to maintain all records for a period of three (3) years from the hauling date for County of Maui review. Failure to provide records upon request for County review will result in future waiver request denials.

Note: Adobe Acrobat is required to fill out and submit the file electronically.  You can download a free version here: