Pukalani Terrace Subdivision Roadway Conditions

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Pukalani Terrace Subdivision Roadway Conditions
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Scope of Work

The County of Maui, Department of Public Works, recognizes the poor roadway conditions throughout the Pukalani Terrace Subdivision. Unfortunately, these roads have a poor quality material beneath the asphalt pavement which is not suitable to support a new pavement layer. Therefore, we are not able to simply repave the roads and instead complete pavement reconstruction is required throughout the subdivision. This expensive treatment reduces the length of roads that can be addressed per year.

Liholani Street, lolani Street, and Loha Street each qualify for Federal Aid funding, which the Department of Public Works is working to secure. As for the rest of the subdivision, specific County Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects will need to be approved each year. A specific CIP project for the subdivision was approved for FY2019 funds which will allow us to reconstruct Elilani Street and Kilani Place. We will continue to request funding each fiscal year and with those funds we will prioritize with the worst condition and highest traffic first.


Contract Working Days: TBD

Streets Involved

The Prioritize list of roads as of September 2018 are as follow:
1.   Elilani Street and Kilani Place (See Project No. 19-09)
2.   Aliiolani Street (See Project No. 20-32)
3.   Alalani Street (See Project No. 20-32)
4.   Keikilani Street, Kaualani Drive, and Keolalani Street
5.   Olulani Street and Lokelani Place
6.   Halaulani Street
7.   Hanalani Street
8.   Ehilani Street
9.   Palalani Street & Ililani Way
10. Hokulani Street
11. Aina Lani Drive & Akalani Loop
12. Kamelani Loop
13. Leolani Place
14. Hukilani Place
15. Ikalani Place
16. Ualani Place
17. Kalialani Circle

We are working to get these roadways addressed as quickly as we can; however, the amount of time it takes to get to each road depends on how much funding we are granted for this subdivision each year. We do ask for support when the line item for Pukalani Terrace Subdivision Pavement Reconstruction is presented during budget season each year.

As of 01/22/2021:  Item 1 is 95% complete, Item 2 and Item 3 are scheduled to start mid March 2021.



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Department of Public Works
200 South High Street Suite 410
Engineering Division
(808) 270-7745