Ultra-High Efficiency Toilet Replacement Program

Ultra-High Efficiency Toilet (UHET) Replacement Program

UPDATE: With an overwhelming response from the public to reconsider a requirement to have a certified plumber install free UHET toilets, DWS has now decided to allow single-family home owners to receive the UHET toilets with just a commitment date for installation and before/after photos.

Bathroom toilets typically account for the most indoor water use in residential households. On average, toilets accounts for approximately 25-30% of the total indoor water usage in single-family residential homes. The replacement of these older model toilets with new, ultra-high-efficiency toilets (UHET) represents a meaningful opportunity to improve water cost savings and conservation for DWS and its service customers.
Ordinance No. 2108, A Bill for an Ordinance Amending Chapter 16.20 of the Maui County Code, Pertaining to the Plumbing Code took effect on December 31, 1992. This ordinance establishes maximum rate of water flow or discharge for plumbing fixtures and devices in order to promote water conservation. These devices include faucets (kitchen & bathroom), hose bibs, showerheads, urinals, and toilets. The maximum flow for toilets under the guideline is 1.6 gallons per flush, but there are now even more efficient toilets available today.

Under the new DWS UHET Toilet Replacement Program, the public may choose to replace older qualifying toilets with new, EPA WaterSense, ultra-high-efficiency toilets (UHET) rated at 0.8 gallons per flush (gpf).
Indoor pie chart from REUWS
Restrictions apply and toilet replacements are currently only available to single-family residential DWS customers.

Read the full Program Rules & Guidelines to find out if you qualify for an UHET replacement, by clicking the link below. Additional Questions and Answers are provided at the end of the Program Rules & Guidelines document.
To submit an application, click the link below. Selected participants will be notified via email within 1 to 2 weeks of submitting their online application.

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