Emergency Repair of Puu Way Culvert

Project Name

Emergency Repair of Puu Way Culvert
Job No. 19-33

Scope of Work

The project involves replacing a culvert and roadway that washed away during Hurricane Lane. The scope of work includes removing drainline/asphalt pavement/headwall debris in the drainageway, installing a new concrete box culvert drainage system with concrete headwalls, rebuilding the roadway embankment, repairing the existing utilities, installing the roadway pavement section, replacing guardrails, and other incidental work.
(Project Map)


NTP: October 26, 2018
Contract Working Days: 120

Streets Involved

Puu Way


Alpha, Inc.
PO Box 330449
Kahului, HI 96733

Contract Cost


Project Contact

Department of Public Works
200 South High Street Suite 410
Engineering Division
(808) 270-7745