Investigative Services Bureau

Criminal Investigative Division
The Criminal Investigations Division conducts specialized and detailed police investigations of all criminal and non criminal matters referred to this division, including the detection and apprehension of criminals, and renders assistance with security of visiting dignitaries when requested.

The division includes:
  • Sex Assault Unit
  • Polygraph Examiner
  • Crime Stoppers program

Vice Division - Forfeiture
The goal of the division is the reduction of vice activity within Maui County through arrest, interdiction, eradication, and public awareness. The Vice Division includes:
  • Narcotics Section
  • Gambling Morals Section
  • Canine Unit
  • Part-time Clandestine Lab Team
  • Part-time Technical Surveillance Team
  • Asset Forfeiture Sergeant

Juvenile Crime Prevention Division
The division's primary goal is to reduce involvement in criminal and status offenses, by adapting towards growing trends and implementing new ideas. The Juvenile Operations Unit, School Resource Officer Unit, and the nationally recognized Juvenile Counseling Program in the spirit of "Pupukahi I Holomua" (Unite to Move Forward) all work cohesively to assist families facing dilemmas in hopes of preventing or reducing law involvement.
The division is also responsible for implementing the Keiki Rap Program, the Second Chance Program, the Positive Outreach Interventions (P.O.I.) Program, and the KALO Program.
For more information on these programs please call (808) 244-6480.

Special Response Team
The team is a unit of specially selected, trained and equipped officers organized into two teams identified as the Tactical Team and Negotiating Team. These 17 officers are assigned to the Tactical Team and 11 officers are assigned to the Negotiating Team. The Special Response Team falls under the direction of the Assistant Chief of the Investigative Services Bureau, who is also the designated Incident Command System Commander.