Parks Planning (formerly Master Plan Projects)

Welcome to the online portal for parks planning!  Here you will learn about the Department of Parks and Recreation’s (DPR) approach to planning for parks in Maui County.  You can also access information and documents for completed and on-going parks planning projects.

Park Planning Approach

The DPR operates and maintains the County’s parks, open spaces and recreation facilities.  Parks are an integral component of our communities, providing opportunities to be with friends and family, improve health and connection to nature.  Parks also protect natural and cultural resources and help us adapt to climate change.  The DPR is honored to steward the County’s park lands, and engaging the community in the park planning process is critical to managing these lands and providing for the needs of residents.

The DPR takes an intentional approach to parks planning, whether creating a master plan for newly acquired land or reimagining the vision of an already developed park.  

Parks planning is guided by “Four Pillars”:

  • Stewardship.  Manage and maintain the parks and cultural and natural resources we are entrusted with.
  • Community Engagement.  Inform the public about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how they can get involved.
  • Next Generation Parks and Facilities.  Plan, design and build a system of parks and facilities to meet current and future needs, trends and challenges.
  • Relevance.  Articulate the importance of parks as part of the County’s green infrastructure and a vital part of quality of life.

Parks Planning includes different plans and processes that collectively guide the development and management of parks.  The System Plan (still being prepared), made up of seven District Plans, provides a blueprint for future park, facility and recreation needs for the whole County.  Planning for individual parks includes starting with a Cultural Assessment to understand the cultural context and history of the site.  Technical studies such as traffic, water, wastewater, drainage, and flora and fauna are also done to understand the constraints and opportunities of the site.  Depending on the characteristics of the site and the intended uses, either a Management Plan, Master Plan or Adaptation Plan will be developed.  Throughout all of these processes, communication and engagement with the community is important.

Parks Planning Projects

Click on the links below to learn about a particular Parks Planning project and access relevant documents.

On-going Projects

Completed Projects

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