Baldwin Beach Park Master Plan

Baldwin Beach Park is one of the largest beach parks (55.87 ac.) in the county’s system of parks and recreational facilities and is one of three major parks along Maui’s north shore that attract high levels of use. The park has never had a master plan and includes a considerable amount of newly acquired land (25 acres) that can be developed for recreation.

Some of the critical issues the plan will address are what kinds of activities and facilities are needed to meet the needs of county residents, how to address sea level rise, the size and location of parking, how to deal with drainage and flooding, and managing overall use of the park.

The master plan is being prepared with the assistance of a twelve-member Project Advisory Committee (PAC), made up of local residents who each bring their own perspective and expertise. The consultant team is headed by DTL, LLC and includes sub-consultants PBR Hawaii (landscape architects), Sea Engineering, Aina Archeology, and J. Uno & Associates.

Concept Plans

Project Status

Two master plan concepts have been prepared for public review. These concepts were first reviewed by the PAC in late April and were then presented at an open house on Thursday, 30 May from 4:30 – 7:00 pm at the Paia Community Center. Comments on the two concepts can be sent to _______.  Over 60 people attended the event and had an opportunity to offer comments in person and in writing. Written comments will be summarized in a report and will be available at the end of June. The concepts will also be presented to the Haiku Community Association on Wednesday, 19 May at 6:30 pm.

The next steps are to review public comments and prepare a “preferred concept”. This concept will be presented at the next open house which has not yet been scheduled.