Checklist of Conservation Ideas for the Home

Wise Water Habits
  • Shaving and brushing teeth - Stopper the sink and fill the basin halfway when you shave or turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
  • Bathing and showering - A partially-filled tub uses less water than a long shower, but a short shower with a low-flow shower head uses much less than a brimful tub. try plugging the tub while you shower and see how high the water gets. Make a habit of showering quickly or using a partially-filled tub.
  • House plants and fish tanks - Use the dirty water from cleaning your fish tank to water your house plants. The plants love the waste because it is rich in nitrogen and phosphorous.
  • Washing smart - Use full wash loads, or if your machine is adjustable, use the proper setting.
  • Food prep - Stopper the sink instead of running the water and turn on the garbage disposal as you pull the plug rather than running the water just for disposal.
  • Doing dishes - Wash full loads, or if you do dishes by hand, stopper the sink and run the disposal as you pull the plug.
  • Washing the car - If you wash your car at home, use a bucket or hose with a trigger nozzle to avoid wasting water. A better ides is to take your car to the car wash. Most of the car washes on Maui are fitted with re-circulating water.
  • For a cold glass of water - Keep a pitcher of cool water in the refrigerator. Running the water until it turns cool can waste a gallon for each glass.
  • Don't use the toilet for trash - Don't flush away tissues, cigarettes, or bits of trash - use a waste basket. If everyone in the U.S. flushed once less per day, we could save a sea-full of water a mile wide, a mile long, and four feet deep, every day!
  • US EPA's WaterSense partnership can help you select water-efficient products.