Maui County Code Title 19 Zoning Code Rewrite Project

The T19 Rewrite Project

Maui County Code (MCC) Title 19 - Zoning was adopted in 1960 shortly after Hawai`i became a state in 1959. While Maui County and the world around it have changed dramatically from 1960 to today, the County has responded to some of this change by incrementally adopting numerous targeted amendments to the code. These amendments have created confusing and conflicting interpretations as well as complex layers of administration.

In March 2018, an audit of Title 19 was concluded and confirmed that the current code is cumbersome, outdated, and contains standards that do not promote the livable, built environment that is identified in the General Plan. The audit recommended that Title 19 be rewritten and updated to be a Hybrid code (a mix of Euclidian and Form-Based zoning).

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In July 2019, Orion Planning & Design was contracted to rewrite and update Title 19.  The T19 Rewrite project has an anticipated four-year timeline and will involve a robust Public Participation Plan (PPP) using a variety of tools to engage and garner input and review from the public, development community and other interested parties. Some of these tools will include: a project website, social media, community workshops, informational open houses and planning commission work sessions; a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) comprised of planning staff representing each division within the Department, as well as other County staff from related departments; and, an Advisory Group (AG) comprised of a broad spectrum of representatives, mostly from the stakeholder groups who were involved in the Title 19 Audit, who are familiar with the code.
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