Past Preliminary Bid Results


The County will post a PRELIMINARY bid tabulation as soon as possible after the bid opening. Construction bid results will be posted the same day, while large supply bids may take a few days. The information on the PRELIMINARY bid tabulation will be posted as it was read and prepared during the bid opening. The County makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of any information on the PRELIMINARY tabulation. The award will be listed on the website after final award.
 Information Date Description
IFB 15-16/P-65  12/31/2015 F/D of 720, 5-gallon Pails of Field Marking Paint (PARKS)
IFB 15-16/P-51  12/22/2015 CML Phase IV-A Leachate Manhole Repair (EM-SW) 
Job No. P14/015  12/16/2015 Waikapu Park Basketball Court Reconstruction (PARKS) 
IFB 15- 16/P-52 12/08/2015 F/D of One 1,500 GPM Pumper - Pukoo (FIRE)
IFB 15- 16/P-55 12/03/2015 F/D of One Trailer Mounted Vacuum/Jetter (EM-WW)
IFB 15- 16/P-54 12/02/2015 F/D of One 4x4 Pickup with Toolbox, Hitch & Lightbar -Wailuku (HWYS)
IFB 15 -16/P-53 12/02/2015 F/D of One 4x4 Pickup with Toolbox, Hitch & Lightbar -Lahaina (HWYS)
Job No. 13-35 11/19/2015 Waiehu Culvert Repair (PW-ENG)
IFB 15 -16/P-49 11/18/2015 F/D of One 1,500 GPM Pumper - Hoolehua (FIRE)
Job No. WW12-05 11/17/2015 Lahaina Odor Control Project (EM-WW)
Job No. 13-38 11/17/2015 Kaohu Street Parking Lot Repair (PW-ENG)
IFB 15 -16/P-40 11/17/2015 MPD Records & Evidence Room Improvements (POLICE)
Job No. 15-18 11/12/2015 Speed Humps-Tables (PW-ENG)
Job No. WW13-05 11/12/2015 Waiehu WWPS Force Main Replacement (EM-WW)
IFB 15 -16/P-32 11/12/2015 Hana Landfill Makai Side Clean Closure (EM-SW)
IFB 15 -16/P-45 11/10/2015 F/D of One 4,000 Gallon Capacity Water Truck (EM-SW)
IFB 15 -16/P-44 11/10/2015 F/D of One Diesel Powered Waste Handler Crawler Tractor (EM-SW)
Job No. WW16-05 11/10/2015 Countywide Sewer CCTV Project (EM-WW)
IFB 15 -16/P-48 11/05/2015 F/D of One 4x2 Extended Cab Pickup with Tow Hitch (Aquatics)
IFB 15 -16/P-47 11/05/2015 F/D of One 4x4 Crewcab Pickup with Tow Hitch (Aquatics)
IFB 15 -16/P-41 11/04/2015 F/D of 300 Structural Firefighting Helmets (FIRE)
Job No. 16-22 11/03/2015 Countywide Speed Feedback Monitors (PW ENG)
Job No. WW 11-06 11/03/2015 Countywide Wetwell Rehab Project (WW)
IFB 15 -16/P-42 10/29/2015 F/D of One Tractor with Side Boom & Cutting Flail-Hana (PW HWYS)
IFB 15 -16/P-43 10/28/2015 F/D of Janitorial Supplies for the County of Maui (Price List)
IFB 15 -16/P-39A 10/27/2015 F/D of Four FWD 4x2 Compact Suv Wagons (H&HC)
IFB 15 -16/P-16A 10/21/2015 Malu Ulu Olele Park Fence Improvements (REBID)
Job No. P14/016 10/15/2015 Waiale Park Playground Replacement (PARKS)
Job No. 15-36 10/14/2015 Wailuku Municipal Parking lot Resurfacing (PW ENG)
IFB 15 -16/P-36 10/14/2015 Kaunoa New Entry Enclosure (H&HC)
Job No. P14/014 10/13/2015 ADA Accessible Route at Kahului School Park (PARKS)
Job No. P14/022 10/08/2015 Fencing Improvements at Various Kahului Parks (PARKS)
IFB 15 -16/P-39 10/07/2015 F/D of Four FWD 4x2 Compact SUV Wagons
STP- 3115(003) 10/07/2015 Kihei Bikeway Phase 2 (PW ENG)
IFB 15 -16/P-37 10/06/2015 F/D of Nineteen Thermal Imagers (FIRE)
Job No. P15/015 10/06/2015 Painting of Baldwin Beach Park Pavilion (PARKS)
Job No. P15/010 10/06/2015 Kahului School Basketball Court Lights (PARKS)
Job No. 15-53 10/01/2015 West Maui District Resurfacing (PW ENG)
Job No. 14-09 10/01/2015 Wailuku/Kahului District Resurfacing (PW ENG)
Job No. P15/012 09/30/2015 Parking Improvements for West Parks (PARKS)
Job No. P14/024 09/30/2015 Kihei Aquatic Center Structural Repairs (PARKS)
Job No. P15/003 09/29/2015 Lahaina Rec Center I Parking Lot Lights (PARKS)
Job No. P14/029 09/29/2015 Lanai Gym Exterior Painting (PARKS)
IFB 15-16/P-34 09/23/15 F/D of Three (3) 4x2 Extra Cab Pickups (FIRE)
IFB 15-16/P-35 09/17/15 Traffic Signs & Markings (Price List)
Job No. P15/011A
09/16/15 Maui County Restroom Renovations Phase 2 (Rebid)
IFB 15-16/P-24 09/03/2015 F/D of One (1) Large Reel Mower (PARKS)
IFB 15-16/P-23 09/03/2015 F/D of One (1) Tractor with Cab (PARKS)
Job No. 14-50 09/03/2015 S. Kihei Road Street Light at Kanani Road (PW ENG)
IFB 15-16/P-16 09/02/2015 Malu Ulu Olele Park Fence Improvements (MGMT)
Job No. 07-17 09/02/2015 Kehala Drive Drainage Improvements (PW ENG)
IFB 15-16/P-22 09/02/2015 F/D of One (1) 4WD Diesel Cart with PTO (PARKS)
IFB 15-16/P-21 09/02/2015 F/D of Three (3) Infield Groomers (PARKS)
IFB 15-16/P-25 09/01/2015 F/D of Three (3) Mini Disc Aerators (PARKS)
IFB 15-16/P-20 08/27/2015 F/D of Printed Forms & Stationery (PRICE LIST)
IFB 15-16/P-27 08/27/2015 Disposal of Public Property, One Vehicle on Lanai (DHHC)
IFB 15-16/P-26 08/27/2015 Disposal of Public Property, Two Vehicles on Molokai (DHHC)
IFB 15-16/P-29 08/26/2015 F/D Two 60,000 Cab w/auto Side Loading Refuse Body (PW HWYS)
IFB 15-16/P-31 08/26/2015 F/D One 43,000 LB Cab & Chassis with Jet Rodder (PW HWYS)
Job No. 15-34 08/26/2015 Kihei Fire Station Sidewalk Improvements (PW ENG)
IFB 15-16/P-19 08/20/2015 F/D One (1) 33,000LB Cab/Over Chassis w/Sweeper (HWYS)
IFB 15-16/P-17 08/19/2015 F/D One (1) 4x4 1 Ton Steel Utility Body (HWYS)
Job No. SS-662014 08/13/2015 Maui County Bus Stops Phase 4 (TRANS)
Job No. P15/011 08/12/2015 Maui County Restroom Renovations Phase 2 Fixtures Only (PARKS)
IFB 15-16/P-15 08/11/2015 F/D of One (1) Tractor w/side Boom & Grass Cutting Flail (HWYS)
JobNo.STP0900(085) 08/11/2015 Old Haleakala Reconstruction (PW ENG)
IFB 15-16/P-1 08/06/2015 CML Non Potable Water System (EM SW)
IFB 15-16/P-13 08/05/2015 F/D of One (1) Wheel Loader w/Bucket & Pallet Forks - Wailuku (PW HWYS)
IFB 15-16/P-12 08/05/2015 F/D of One (1) Wheel Loader w/Bucket & Pallet Forks - Molokai (PW HWYS)
IFB 15-16/P-14 08/04/2015 F/D of One (1) Diesel Powered High Track Crawler Tractor (PW HWYS)
IFB 15-16/P-11 08/04/2015 F/D of One (1) Compact Track Loader (PW HWYS)
IFB 15-16/P-10 07/30/2015 50LB. Bags Cold Mix Asphalt Lanai (PW HWYS)
IFB 15-16/P-9 07/30/2015 50LB. Bags Cold Mix Asphalt Molokai (PW HWYS)
IFB 15-16/P-8 07/30/2015 Cold Mix Asphalt (PW HWYS)
IFB 15-16/P-7 07/30/2015 Hot Pour Crack Sealant (PW HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-98 07/30/2015 Leachate Recirculation Project Phase 2 (SW)
IFB 15-16/P-6 07/29/2015 4F Type II for Slurry Sealing #2 (PW HWYS)
IFB 15-16/P-5 07/29/2015 Asphalt Concrete (PW HWYS)
IFB 15-16/P-4 07/29/2015 Asphalt Based Pavement Sealer (PW HWYS)
IFB 15-16/P-3 07/29/2015 Emulsion for Slurry Sealing #2 (PW HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-101 07/28/2015 Expendable Food Service Products for Senior Services (Price List)
Job No. 15-38 07/27/2015 Iao Plaza (PW ENG)
IFB 14-15/P-100 07/22/2015 Disposal of Public Property - Six Vehicles (MGMT)
IFB 14-15/P-84 06/30/2015 Kulamalu Affordable Housing Project (HOUSING)
IFB 14-15/P-96 06/29/2015 Fuel - Gas, Diesel & Lubricants FY16 (Countywide)
IFB 14-15/P-81 06/25/2015 CML Phase IV-A Leachate Manhole Repair (EM-SW)
IFB 14-15/P-94 06/23/2015 F/D of Office Supplies to Various Departments (Price List)
IFB 14-15/P-93 06/19/2015 Water Conditioning & Consulting Svcs (MPD)
Job No. 13-38 06/10/2015 Lower Honoapiilani Retaining Wall and Guardrail Repair (PW-ENG)
Job No. P14/027 05/27/2015 Kihei Aquatic Scoreboard Replacement (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-90 05/20/2015 Disposal of Public Property - Buses (TRANS)
Job No.1415/P91 05/14/2015 Lahaina WWRF Injection Well Flowmeter Replacement (EM-WW)
Job No. 15-23 05/13/2015 Upcountry District Resurfacing (PW-ENG)
IFB 14-15/P-86 05/07/2015 F/D of Liquid Chlorine (EM-WW)
IFB 14-15/P-85 05/07/2015 F/D of Odor Control Chemicals (EM-WW)
IFB 14-15/P-89 05/05/2015 Landscaping for Vacant Lots at the Fairways at Maui Lani and Sandhill Estates
IFB 14-15/P-79 04/30/2015 F/D of Cover Material For Molokai Solid Waste Facility (EM-SW)
IFB 14-15/P-83 04/30/2015 Receive, Process, and Recycle White Goods & Vehicles (EM-SW)
Job No. P15/007 04/28/2015 Kalama Park Basketball Improvements (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-50A 04/15/2015 Emergency Generator Installation (FIRE)
IFB 14-15/P-77 04/14/2015 F/L/E to Trim & Remove Trees Within Various Parks (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-78 04/14/2015 F/L/E to Trim & Remove Trees Within Street Corridor Right of Ways (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-82 04/14/2015 F/L/E Palm Tree Maintenance Within County Parks & Right of Ways (PARKS)
Job No 1415/P67 04/09/2015 Kihei DMV Expansion (FIN)
Job No. 15-29 04/09/2015 Makena Alanui Culvert Improvements at Makena Surf (PW-ENG)
IFB 14-15/P-72 04/08/2015 F/D of Carbon Dioxide for Various Swimming Pools (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-75 04/08/2015 F/D/I of Propane Tanks and Fuel (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-76 04/08/2015 Provision of Private Security Services in Various Parks (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-74 04/02/2015 Provision of Refuse Collection Services in Various Parks (PARKS)
Job No. P14/010 03/31/2015 Mayor Eddie Tam Park Ballfield Lights (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-71 03/25/2015 Leasing & Servicing of Portable Toilets for Various Parks (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-70 03/25/2015 Summer Pals Bus Transportation (PARKS)
Job No. 14-19 03/05/2015 South Kihei Road Culvert Repair (PW-ENG)
IFB 14-15/P-66 02/26/2015 Training and Issued Ammunition (POLICE)
IFB 14-15/P-65 02/26/2015 Eighty (80) Concealable Soft Body Armor Vests (POLICE)
Job No. P14/028 02/24/2015 Fencing Improvements at Various Hana Parks (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-63 02/10/2015 F/D Twenty Two, 5-Row Aluminum Bleachers (PARKS)
Job No. P14/021 02/10/2015 Fencing Improvements at Kula Park & Harold W. Rice Park (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-50 02/04/2015 Emergency Generator Installation, Napili & Lanai Fire Stations (FIRE)
IFB 14-15/P-51 02/04/2015 MPD Forensic Facility Painting (POLICE)
IFB 14-15/P-42A 01/29/2015 F/D of One (1) 4x4 Extra Cab Pickup, One 4x4 One Ton Crew Cab Diesel Pickup, One 4x2 Extra Cab Pickup Rebid (FIRE)
IFB 14-15/P-59 01/28/2015 F/D of One (1) 6x6 2,800 Gallon Tanker (FIRE)
IFB 14-15/P-60 01/27/2015 Expendable Food Service Products for Senior Services (PRICE LIST)
IFB 14-15/P-58 01/21/2015 F/D of Three (3) 4x4 Extra Cab Pickup, One (1) 4x4 One Ton Crew Cab Diesel Pickup, One (1) 4x4 One Ton Pickup w/Rescue Body (FIRE)
IFB 14-15/P-42
F/D of One (1) 4x4 Extra Cab Pickup, One 4x4 One Ton Crew Cab Diesel Pickup, One 4x2 Extra Cab Pickup (FIRE)
IFB 14-15/P-55
01/14/2015 F/D of One (1) 5-Ton Pneumatic Tyred Roller (PW-HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-54
01/14/2015 F/D of One (1) 39,000 LB Cab & Chassis with 2,200 Gallon Water Tanker Body (PW-HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-53
01/14/2015 F/D of One (1) Self Propelled Slurry/Microsurfacing Applicator (PW-HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-52
01/13/2015 F/D of Five (5) AWD SUV Wagons (PW-HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-56
01/13/2015 F/D of One (1) 4WD Diesel Rotary Riding Mower and One (1) Single Axle Tilt Deck Utility Trailer (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-57
01/13/2015 F/D of One (1) Tier 4 Diesel Rotary Riding Mower (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-43A
12/23/2014 F/D One (1) 4x2 4-Door Multipurpose Utility Wagon Rebid (PW-HWYS)
Job No. 14-020
12/16/2014 Mitchell Pauole Center Roofing & Painting Improvements (PARKS)
Job No. WW13-01
12/12/2014 Paia WWPS Force Main Replacement (PW-ENG)
Job No. 12-23B
12/11/2014 Kalana Pakui Roof Repairs Rebid (PW-ENG)
Job No. 15-20
12/11/2014 Kaupakalua Road Tree Removal Phase II (PW-ENG)
Job No. 12-30
12/09/2014 Kalialinui Bridge Replacement (PW-ENG)
IFB 14-15/P-49
12/09/2014 F/D of One (1) FireEye NX 4400 or Approved Equal (ITS)
IFB 14-15/P-43
12/02/2014 F/D of One (1) 4x2, 4-Door Multipurpose Utility Wagon (PW-HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-41
11/20/2014 F/D of One (1) 40,000LB Truck Cab & Chassis with 17 Cubic Yard Capacity, Rear Loading Refuse Body, Hana (PW-HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-40
11/20/2014 F/D of One (1) 40,000LB Truck Cab & Chassis with 17 Cubic Yard Capacity, Rear Loading Refuse Body, Molokai (PW-HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-37
11/19/2014 F/D of One (1) Greens Mower (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-38
11/19/2014 F/D of One (1) Fairway Mower (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-39
11/19/2014 Fuel Tank Replacement for Wailuku, Paia, and Hoolehua Fire Stations (FIRE)
Job No. P14/012
11/18/2014 Eddie Tam Dog Park (PARKS)
Job No. P14/011
11/18/2014 Lanai Basketball Equipment Replacement (PARKS)
Job No. P14/006
11/18/2014 Molokai Parks Grease Interceptor Replacement (PARKS)
Job No. 12-23B
11/14/2014 Kalana Pakui Roof Repairs (PW-ENG)
Job No. 14-12
11/14/2014 South Kihei Road Sidewalk Improvements, Phase 2 (PW-ENG)
Job No. 12-63
11/14/2014 County Employees Additional Parking Lot (PW-ENG)
Job No. WW12-04
11/13/2014 Kaanapali WWPS Modifications (EM-WW)
Job No. WW12-10
11/13/2014 Ho'o Hui Ana WWPS Force Main Replacement Project (EM-WW)
IFB 14-15/P-33
11/13/2014 F/D of Three (3) Seal Coat Spray Trailers (PW-HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-34
11/13/2014 F/D of Three (3) Hot Pour Crack Seal Trailers with 6 each Melting Applicators (PW-HWYS)
Job No. WW12-11
11/12/2014 Lahaina WWRF Concrete Rehab & Kihei WWPS No.6 Drywell Access (EM-WW)
IFB 14-15/P-32
11/12/2014 F/D of Seven (7) Cold Thermoplastic Stripers (PW-HWYS)
Job No. 14-31
11/07/2014 West Maui District Resurfacing (PW-ENG)
Job No. 14-37
11/07/2014 South Maui District Resurfacing (PW-ENG)
IFB 14-15/P-36
11/07/2014 F/D of One (1) DOT Trailer Mounted Diesel Pump Package 4" and One (1) DOT Trailer Mounted Diesel Pump Package 6" (WW)
IFB 14-15/P-31
11/06/2014 F/D of Two (2) 4x4, 4-Door Multipurpose Utility Wagons (PW-HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-30
11/06/2014 F/D of One (1) 4x4 1-Ton Fiberglass Utility Welding Body with Air Compressor (PW-HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-4
11/06/2014 F/D of One (1) 37,600LB Cab & Chassis with 8 cubic yard semi elliptical dump body with auto tarp system (PW-HWYS)
Job No. P13/007
10/05/2014 Paia Community Center ADA Restrooms (PARKS)
Job No. P14/005
11/05/2014 Hookipa Beach Park ADA Improvements (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-29
11/05/2014 F/D of Five (5) Full Time All Wheel Drive SUV Wagons (PW-HWYS)
Job No. P13/013
10/30/2014 Lahaina Civic Center, Door Replacement (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-26
10/30/2014 F/D of One (1) 4x2, 1/2 Ton Supercab Pickup with Liftgate, Tow Hitch, and Aluminum Tool Box (PW-HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-27
10/30/2014 F/D of One (1) 4x2 Extended Cab Compact Pickup with Toolbox and Tow Hitch (PW-HWYS)
IFB 14-15/P-28
10/30/2014 F/D of One (1) 4x2, 3/4 Ton Cab and Chassis with Utility Body, Tow Hitch and Liftgate (PW-HWYS)
Job No. P14/007
10/29/2014 Lahaina Civic Center Tennis Ct. Imp. (PARKS)
Job No. P13/017
10/29/2014 Hana Ballpark Septic System Improvements (PARKS)
IFB 14-15/P-25
10/29/2014 F/D of Three (3) Mastermix Bulk Storage Tanks (PW-HWYS)
Job No. WW12-02
10/28/2014 Kihei No. 10 Force Main Replacement (EMWW)
Job No. 13-59
10/28/2014 Curb Ramps at Various Locations (PWENG)
IFB 14-15/P-7
10/28/2014 F/D of One (1) Portable Reclaiming/Trenching Machine (PW-HWYS)
Job No. WW12-07
Maluhia Beach Lots Gravity Sewer System (EMWW)
Job No. STP 3950(008)
Lono Ave Pavement Reconstruction (PW-ENG)
Job No. P13/005
10/22/2014 Helene Hall New Leach Field (PARKS)
IFB No. 14-15/P18 10/21/14 F/D Five (5) Motorcycles (Police)
Job No. 13-43
10/15/2014 South Market Street Sidewalk Improvements (PWENG)
Job No. P12/014
10/14/2014 Duke Maliu Ballfield Lights (PARKS)
Hansen Road Pavement Rehab (PWENG)
10/09/2014 Baldwin Avenue Pavement Rehab (PWENG)
STP 0900(084)
10/08/2014 Wailea Alanui & Wailea Ike Drive Rehab (PWENG)
IFB 14-15/P-17
F/D Four (4) SUV's (POLICE)
IFB 14-15/P-16
F/D Fourteen (14) Fleet Vehicles (POLICE)
Job No. STP 0366(001)
10/02/2014 Kokomo Road Pavement Reconstruction
IFB 14-15/P-24
09/30/2014 F/D of One (1) 19,500 LB Truck Cab & Chassis with 8 cubic yard rear loading refuse body
IFB 14-15/P-23
09/30/2014 F/D of Two (2) 60,000 LB Truck Cab & Chassis with 28 cubic yard capacity automated side loading refuse body (Makawao)
IFB 14-15/P-22
09/30/2014 F/D of One (1) 60,000 LB Truck Cab & Chassis with 28 cubic yard capacity automated side loading refuse body (Lahaina)
Job No. 14-18
09/16/2014 Onehee Ave Bike Lanes (PWENG)
Job No. 14-08
09/16/2014 Molokai District Resurfacing (PWENG)
Job No. WW12-01
09/16/2014 Leisure Estates Pump Station, EM, WWRD
IFB 14-15/P-21
09/16/2014 Disposal of Public Property (OCE TCS400 Large Format Plotter Supplies)
IFB 14-15/P-13
09/05/2014 Production and Mailing of the Solid Waste Residential Refuse Invoices
Job No. P13/015
09/04/2014 Pukalani Park Restroom Repairs, Parks
IFB 14-15/P-11
08/28/2014 F/D One (1) 4WD Diesel Cart w/PTO, Parks
IFB 14-15/P-12
08/28/2014 F/D One (1) Drop Type Tod Dresser, Parks
IFB 14-15/P-10
Provide Janitorial Services to Kihei District Police Station
FB 14-15/P-6
08/20/2014 Furnish & Deliver One (1) Truck Tractor, 60,600 lb GVW, Hwys
IFB 14-15/P-5
08/19/2014 Furnishing & delivery of two mobile restroom trailers for the Department of Parks and Recreation
IFB 13-14/P-95(REBID)
Furnish & Deliver One (1) Rescue Boat, Fire Dept.
IFB 14-15/P-3
07/22/2014 Provide Materials for Slurry Sealing, Public Works, Hwys
IFB 14-15/P-1
Furnish Asphalt Based Sealer
IFB 14-15/P-2
07/22/2014 Furnish Asphalt Based Sealer, Public Works, Highways
Job No. WW14-01
07/17/2014 Kihei WWRF Filter Modification Project
IFB 13-14/P-102
07/08/2014 Hoolehua Fire Station Covered Walkways and Concrete Slab Work
IFB 13-14/P-99
07/08/2014 F/D of Two Mobile Restroom Trailers for the Department of Parks and Recreation
Job No. STP 0900(081)
07/02/2104 Wakea Ave/Hina Ave Intersection Improvements
Job No. 050103
07/01/2014 Maui County Bus Stops Phase 3
IFB 13-14/P105 06/24/2014 Furnishing of Fuel and Lubricants, FY15
IFB 13-14/P104 06/19/2014 Furnishing of Tires and Tubes, FY15
IFB 13-14/P-103
06/18/2014 Furnishing of Labor & Equipment for Palm Tree Maintenance within County Parks & Right of Ways
Job No.P13/016
06/17/2014 Waiehu Golf Course Driving Range Improvements
IFB 13-14/P-98
05/28/2014 Security Glass Enclosure for the Liquor Department
Job No. 12-15
05/15/2014 Old Haleakala Sidewalk Improvements
IFB 13-14/P-32
05/14/2014 Maintenance, Repairs & Painting of Radio Towers, Antenna Support Structures & Transmission Line Bridges
IFB 13-14/P-86
05/02/2014 Central Maui Landfill Leachate Recirculation Project
IFB 13-14/P-85
05/01/2014 Providing of Towing Services on the Island of Maui for the County of Maui Abandon Vehicles Program
IFB 13-14/P-96
04/29/2014 F/D One (1) 17-Passenger ADA Low Floor Gas Bus
IFB 13-14/P-89
F/D Crusher Run to Hana Landfill & Haul Greenwaste to MLF
IFB 13-14/P-95
F/D One (1) Rescue Boat (FIRE)
IFB 13-14/P-92
04/22/2014 F/D Pool Chemicals (PARKS)
Job No. P14/003
04/22/2014 Lanai Tennis & Basketball Courts Resurfacing (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-88
04/17/2014 Hana Landfill Temporary Storage Building (EM-SW)
IFB 13-14/P-87
04/17/2014 Molokai Landfill Temporary Storage Building (EM-SW)
IFB 13-14/P-94 04/17/2014 F/D Various Chemicals & Fertilizers Used at the County of Maui Parks & Waiehu Golf Course (PARKS)
Job No. P14/002
Kula Community Center Refroof (PARKS)
IFB 14-14/P-93
04/15/2014 Trim & Remove Trees, Right of Ways & Parks (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-90
F/D One 4X4, 4 Door, Utility Wagon (LIQUOR)
IFB 13-14/P-78
04/10/2014 F/D One (1) Mobile Laboratory Office Trailer (EM-WW)
Job No. P13/009(REBID)
04/10/2014 War Memorial Synthetic Turf Installation (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-73
04/09/2014 Provide Inventory with GPS Location for Signage (PWHWY)
IFB 13-14/P-79
04/09/2014 F/D Cover Material for Central Maui Landfill (EM-SW)
IFB 13-14/P-83
04/08/2014 F/D/I Three (3) Emergency Generators (FIRE)
IFB 13-14/P-51(REBID)
04/03/2014 F/D Three (3) Marked SUV's (POLICE)
IFB 13-14/P-82 04/03/2014 Provide janitorial services for the Department of Fire & Public Safety, Kahului Fire Station Administrative Offices
Job No. P14/001
03/27/2014 War Memorial Stadium Paving Improvements, Phase 2 (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-80
03/25/2014 F/D Dump Truck w/14-15 CY Dump Body (EM-SW)
IFB 13-14/P-77
03/25/2014 F/D One (1) Heavy Duty Fraise Mower (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-74 03/21/2014 Provide xerographic paper to the County of Maui (pricelist)
IFB 13-14/P-72 03/21/2014 Food concession at Hana Beach Park
IFB 13-14/P-75
03/20/2014 F/D One (1) Infield Groomer (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-71 03/20/2014 Food & Liquor Concession at the Waiehu Municipal Golf Course
IFB 13-14/P-67
03/19/2014 F/D One (1) 1-1/2 Ton Truck with Fiberglass Body (PW-HWY)
IFB 13-14/P-61
03/19/2014 F/D One (1) Extended Cab Compact Pickup Truck (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-39 03/18/2014 F/D/I of Gutter Grates for the Lahaina Aquatics Center 50 Meter Pool
IFB 13-14/P-69
03/12/2014 F/D One (1) Truck with Boom/Bucket Lift (PW-HWY)
IFB 13-14/P-70
03/12/2014 F/D One (1) Tandem Drive Motor Grader (PW-HWY)
IFB 13-14/P-68
03/12/2014 F/D One (1) Loader/Backhoe w/Multipurpose Bucket (PW-HWY)
Job No. WW-02
03/11/2014 Lahaina WWRF Clarifier No 5 Replacement (EM-WW)
IFB 13-14/P-60 03/06/2014 Provide Bus Shelter Cleaning Services & Refuse Removal
IFB 13-14/P-56
03/05/2014 Tree Trimming & Removal (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-65
02/26/2014 Summer Pals Bus Transportation (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-64
02/25/2014 Furnish & Deliver One (1) Tier 4 Mower (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-63
02/25/2014 Furnish & Deliver One (1) Forklift (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-62
Furnish & Deliver One (1) Greens Mower (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-45
02/20/2014 Furnish & Deliver One (1) Water Truck (EM-SW)
IFB 13-14.P-52
02/12/2014 Furnish & Deliver One (1) Transport Van (POLICE)
IFB 13-14/P-51
02/12/2014 Furnish & Deliver Three (3) Marked SUV's (POLICE)
IFB 13-14/P-50
02/12/2014 Furnish & Deliver Two (2) SUV's (POLICE)
IFB 13-14/P-57 02/11/2014 Lock Box Collection Services for the Processing & Depositing of Mailed-in Payments of Real Property Taxes
IFB 13-14/P-54 02/06/2014 F/D nine or more 8-passenger accessible paratransit buses (TRANS)
IFB 13-14/P-53 02/06/2014 F/D three or more 25-passenger accessible gas buses (TRANS)
IFB 13-14/P-38 02/06/2014 Provide Janitorial Services for the DMVL
IFB 13-14/P-49
02/05/2014 F/D 4X4, 1-1/4 Ton Truck w/Crane (HIWAYS)
IFB 13-14/P-48
02/05/2014 F/D Six (6) Unmarked Police Fleet Vehicles (POLICE)
IFB 13-14/P-47
02/05/2014 F/D Fourteen (14) Police Fleet Vehicles (POLICE)
IFB 13-14/P-33 01/29/2014 F/D/I of One (1) three phase, 208v, emergency propane generator
IFB 13-14/P-46 01/29/2014 Landscaping for Vacant Lots at the Fairways at Maui Lani and Sandhill Estates
IFB 13-14/P-44
F/D Three (3) ATV's (PARKS)
IFB 13-14.P-43
01/27/2014 F/D Two (2) Water Rescue Vehicles (PARKS)
Job No. P11/015
01/23/2014 Wailuku Gym Re-Roofing & Repairs (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-40 01/23/2014 F/D Ninety (90) Concealable Soft Body Armor Vests (POLICE)
IFB 13-14/P-36 01/22/2014 F/D One (1) Utility Cart With PTO Shaft (PARKS)
Job No. P11/023
01/16/2014 Sun Yat Sen Parking Lot Improvements (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-35
F/D One (1) Slab Scissors Lift (EM-WW)
IFB 13-14/P-34
F/D One (1) Diesel Loader CMLF (EM-SW)
Job No. 14-16
Kaluanui Road Shoulder Improvements (PW-ENG)
IFB 13-14/P-28
01/08/2014 F/D One (1) Water Truck (PW-HWY)
IFB 13-14/P-27
01/08/2014 F/D One (1) Dump Truck ((PW-HWY)
IFB 13-14/P-29
01/08/2014 F/D One (1) Mini Hydraulic Excavator (PW_HWY)
IFB 13-14/P-26
01/08/2014 F/D One (1) Wheel Loader (PW-HWY)
IFB 13-14/P-21 01/07/2014 F/D One (1) 105' Heavy Duty Aerial Ladder (FIRE)
IFB 13-14/P-19
12/04/2013 F/D One (1) Wheel Loader w/Multipurpose Bucket (EM-SW)
Job No. STP-3900(001)
11/27/2013 Papa Avenue Pavement Reconstruction (PW-ENG)
IFB 13-14/P-17 11/22/2013 Disposal of used telephone equipment
IFB 13-14/P-30
11/22/2013 Furnishing and Delivery of Furniture and Installation Services (ITSD)
Job No. 11-33
11/21/2013 Municipal Campus ADA Improvements (PW- ENG)
IFB 13-14/P-31 11/20/2013 F/D of of Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Training and Issued Ammunition (POLICE)
IFB 13-14/P-25
11/19/2013 F/D One (1) 4X4 1 Ton Crewcab Truck (PW-HIWAYS)
Job No. P13/011
11/14/2013 Renovations of Various Restrooms (PARKS)
Proj No. P11/019
11/13/2013 Mitchell Pauole Center Expansion (PARKS)
11/13/2013 Wailuku-Kahului WWRF Shoreline Control (EM-WW)
IFB 13-14/P-20 11/13/2013 F/D 305 pairs of Technical rescue boots with NFPA 1977 Spec and Speed zippers & 305 pairs of Structural firefighting boots
IFB 13-14/P-24
11/12/2013 F/D One (1) 1 Ton Crewcab with Liftgate (PW-HIWAYS)
IFB 13-14/P-23
11/12/2013 F/D One (1) 1/2 Ton Super Cab Pickup (PW-HIWAYS)
IFB 13-14/P-22
11/12/2013 F/D Two (2) 4x4 One Ton Crew Cab Truck (PW-HIWAYS)
Job No. WW13-03
11/07/2013 Wailuku-Kahului Chlorination System Upgrade (EM-WW)
IFB 13-14/P-18
F/D One (1) Dump Truck (EM-SW)
Job No. 13-17
11/06/2013 East Maui Resurfacing, Piilani Highway (PW-ENG)
Job No. 13-12
11/06/2013 West Maui District Resurfacing, Front St. (PW-ENG)
Job No. WW11-06
11/05/2013 Countywide WWPS Wetwell Rehabilitation (EM-WW)
IFB 13-14/P-16
11/05/2013 Exterior Repainting Kihei WWR Admin Bldg (EM-WW)
Job No. 07-50
11/05/2013 Haouli Street Drainage Improvements (PW-ENG)
IFB 13-14/P-14
Hale Makai Facility Painting (POLICE)
Wells St. & Wakea Ave. Reconstruction (PW-ENG)
Job No. 13-52
10/30/2013 Speed Tables (FY '13) Island of Maui (PW-ENG)
IFB 13-14/P-8
10/30/2013 Molokai Integrated Solid Waste Facility (EM-SW)
Job No. 06-61
10/30/2013 Mill Street & Central Ave Retaining Wall (PW-ENG)
Job No. 14-15
10/29/2013 Kaupakalua Road Tree Removal (PW-ENG)
IFB 12-13/P-56
10/29/2013 Central Maui Landfill Wind Turbine Gens (EM-SW)
Job No. WW13-02
10/29/2013 South Maui Recycled Water Sys Exp (EM-WW)
IFB 12-13/P-57(REBID)
10/24/2013 Communications Facility, Waiakeakua, Lanai (POLICE)
Job No. P13/010
10/24/2013 War Memorial Gym Parking Lot Improv (PARKS)
Job No. P12/015
Lahaina Rec Center Ballfield Lights (PARKS)
Job No. 12-23A
10/22/2013 Old Courthouse Building Roof Replacement (PW-ENG)
Job No. WW10-05
10/17/2013 Lahaina No. 4 Force Main Replacement (EM-WW)
10/16/2013 Nahienaena School Safe Routes (PW-ENG)
Job No. 13-16
10/15/2013 South Maui Resurface Kenolio Road (PW-ENG)
Kihei Road Pavement Rehabilitation (PW-ENG)
Job No. P12/013
Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens Improvements (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-5
F/D Two (2) 1500 GPM Pumpers (FIRE)
Job No. 12-47
10/02/2013 Kamalii Elementary School Safe Routes (PW-ENG)
Job No. P13/008
09/26/2013 Painting Various Restrooms for Parks (PARKS)
IFB 13-14/P-11 09/26/2013 Furnish Bituminous Materials to CofM (PW-HWYS)
IFB 13-14/P-10 09/26/2013 Furnish Asphalt Based Pavement Sealer to CofM (PW-HWYS)
IFB 13-14/P-7 09/26/2013 Furnish Asphalt Concrete to County of Maui (PW-HWYS)
IFB 13-14/P-3 08/13/2013 Repair/Maint. Hana Police Cottage (POLICE)
IFB 13-13/P-4 08/13/2013 F/D One (1) Wheel Chair Lift (FIRE)
Job No. 13-39 08/07/2013 Wells Street Sidewalk Improvements (PW-ENG)
Job No. P12/007 08/06/2013 Rice Park Cesspool Conversion (PARKS)
Job No. P13/004 08/01/2013 Lahaina Civic Center, Gym Floor (PARKS)
FAP NO.STP-0900(83) 07/31/2013 Lahaina Watershed Project (PW-ENG)
IFB 12-13/P-110 07/16/2013 Disposal of Public Property (Buses)
IFB 12-13/P104 07/12/2013 Tires FY14
IFB 12-13/P105 07/12/2013 Fuel FY14
IFB12-13/P-107(REBID) 07/10/2013 Provide Communications Equipment Maint Svcs (FIRE)
Job No. 13-15 07/10/2013 Haiku District Resurfacing (PW-ENG)
Job No. 12-13
07/10/2013 Kamehameha Ave/Kane St Improvements (PW-ENG)
Job No. P11/021 06/28/2013 Kenolio Library Repairs (PARKS)
Job No. WW13-08 06/19/2013 Wailuku WWPS Pump Replacement (EM-WW)
Job No. WW11-08 06/18/2013 Waiale Road Gravity Sewer Rehabilatation (EM-WW)
IFB 12-13/P-108 06/13/2013 Provide a Helicopter with Complete Flight Ops/Maint Svc (FIRE)
IFB 12-13/P-107 06/13/2013 Provide Communications Equipment Maintenance Svcs (FIRE)
Job No. 10-04 06/12/2013 Lahaina Wastewater P.S. No. 2 (EM-WW)
Job No. 13-13 06/12/2013 Up Country District Resurfacing (PW-ENG)
IFB 12-13/P-92 05/31/2013 Demolition & Disposal of Personal Property, Montana Beach Condominium, Apartment A
Job No. P12/010 REBID 05/30/2013 Kahului Community Park Playground (PARKS)
Job No. SS-102011 05/28/2013 Maui County Bus Stops Phase II (TRANS)
IFB 12-13/P-57 05/24/2013 Communications Facility, Waiakeakua, Lanai (POLICE)
IFB 12-13/P-78 05/16/2013 Furnish & Deliver Polymer to WWR Division Facilities (EM-WW)
IFB 12-13/P-98 05/16/2013 Provide Water Conditioning Services to Wailuku Station (POLICE)
IFB 12-13/P-96 05/15/2013 Furnish & Deliver One (1) 40,600 LB Truck w/Rear Loader (EM- SW)
IFB 12-13/P-95 05/15/2013 Furnish & Deliver Two (2) 60,000 LB Truck w/Side Loader (EM- SW)
IFB 12-13/P-97 05/14/2013 Furnish, Deliver & Install Propane Tanks & Fuel (PARKS- AQ)
IFB 12-13/P-80 05/14/2013 Furnishing & Delivery of Odor Control Chemicals (EM-WW)
IFB 12-13/P-79 05/14/2013 Furnishing & Delivery of Liquid Chlorine (EM-WW)
IFB 12-13/P-82 05/09/2013 F/D&I Apparatus Bays Doors, Makawao & Paia Stations (FIRE)
IFB 12-13/P-94 05/02/2013 Summer Pals Bus Transportation (PARKS)
IFB 12-13/P-93 05/02/2013 Security Services to the Parks Dept. (PARKS)
IFB 12-13/P-89 04/25/2013 Tree Trimming, Street Corridors (PARKS)
IFB 12-13/P-88 04/25/2013 Tree Trimming, Parks Trees (PARKS)
IFB 12-13/P-87 04/25/2013 Trim Palm Trees for Parks Department (PARKS)
IFB 12-13/P-85 04/23/2013 Parks Refuse Collections (PARKS)
IFB 12-13/P-84 04/23/2013 Parks Portable Toilet Service (PARKS)
IFB 12-13/P-75 04/16/2013 Furnishing & Delivery of One (1) Roll Off Trailer with Hoist
IFB 12-13/P-52 04/10/2013 Furnishing & Delivery of Two (2) Water Rescue Vehicles (PARKS)
IFB 12 -13/P-69 03/21/2013 Lahaina Police Station Roof Renovations (POLICE)
Job No. P13/001 03/21/2013 Hana Tennis & Baseball Courts Resurfacing (PARKS)
Job No. P12/008 03/07/2013 War Memorial Stadium Paving Improvements ((PARKS)
IFB 12 -13/P-65 03/06/2013 F/D Two (2) Truck W/Combinaiton Sewer Cleaner (PW-HWY)
IFB 12 -13/P-64 03/06/2013 F/D One (1) Truck W/4,000 Gallon Water Tank (PW-HWY)
IFB 12-13/P-63 03/06/2013 F/D One (1) Truck W/4,000 Gallon Water Tank (PW-HWY-MOL)
STP-0900(079) 03/06/2013 Kamehameha Ave Pavement Rehabilitation (PW-ENG)
IFB 12-13/P-58 03/05/2013 Reprogram Existing Radios(35),New Radios(10) & Stations(4) (WW)
IFB 12-13/P-61 02/28/2013 F/D One (1) Dump Truck W/14-15 CU YRD Capacity (PW-HIWAYS)
IFB 12-13/P-62 02/28/2013 F/D One (1) Tandem Drive Motor Grader (PW-HIWAYS-MOLOKAI)
IFB 12-13/P-60 02/28/2013 F/D One (1) Diesel Powered Tractor Mower (EM-SW-HANA)
STP-3920(006) 02/27/2013 Wakea Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation (PW-ENG)
IFB 12 -13/P-53 02/26/2013 F/D Thirteen (13) Utility Vehicles W/Dump (Parks-Various)
IFB 12-13/P-52 02/26/2013 F/D Two (2) Water Rescue Vehicles (Jet Skis) (Parks-Aquatics)
Job No. 13-51 02/12/2013 F/D One (1) Large Format Printer Scanner Sys (PW-ENG)
IFB 12-13/P-55 02/05/2013 F/D Three (3) Unmarked Police Vehicles (Police)
IFB 12-13/P-54 02/05/2013 F/D Seventeen (17) Marked Police Vehicles (Police)
IFB 12-13/P-48 02/05/2013 Central Maui Landfill Gulch Crossing Improvements (EM-SW)
IFB 12-13/P-49 01/31/2013 F/D One (1) 60 KW Propane Generator (FIRE-LAHAINA)
IFB 12-13/P-50 01/23/2013 F/D Vehicle Tracking System (Office of the Managing Director)
IFB 12-13/P-51 01/22/2013 F/D One (1) Slurry Seal Truck (PW-HIWAYS)
IFB 12-13/P-45 01/22/2013 F/D One (1) 60,000 LB GVWR Truck Tractor (PW- HIWAYS)
Job No. P12/010 01/17/2013 Kahului Community Park Playground Replacement (PARKS)
IFB 12-13/P-43 01/15/2013 F/D One (1) Standby Generator (Makawao Baseyard)
IFB 12-13/P-41 01/10/2013 F/D One (1) Chemical Sprayer (PARKS-MAINT)
IFB 12-13/P-40 01/10/2013 F/D One (1) Chemical Sprayer (PARKS-GC)
IFB 12-13/P-39 01/10/2013 F/D One (1) Compact Utility Loader (PARKS-MAINT)
IFB 12-13/P-38 01/10/2013 F/D One (1) Rough Mower (PARKS-GC)
IFB 12-13/P-37 01/10/2013 F/D One (1) Greens Mower (PARKS-GC)
IFB 12-13/P-36 01/09/2013 F/D One (1) 12 Ton Tilt Trailer (EM-WW)
IFB 12-13/P-35 01/09/2013 F/D One (1) 14-15 Cubic Yard Dump Truck (EM-WW)
IFB 12-13/P-29 01/08/2013 F/D One (1) Diesel Powered Crawler Tractor (EM-SW-MOL)
IFB-12-13/P-28 01/08/2013 F/D One (1) Diesel Powered Crawler Tractor (EM-SW-CML)
IFB 12-13/P-33 12/19/2012 F/D One (1) 1-1/4 Ton super Crew Cab
IFB 12-13/P-25 12/18/2012 F/D One (1) Utility Combi Compactor (PW-HWY)
IFB 12-13/P-24 12/18/2012 F/D One (1) Four Track C/U Asphalt Cold Planer (PW-HWY)
IFB 12-13/P-30 12/13/2012 Demolition of Old Post Office (DOM)
IFB 12-13P-31 12/11/2012 Furnish & Deliver One (1) or More Thirty-Five Foot Bus(es)
Job No. WW09-25 11/28/2012 Wailuku/Kahului Force Main Replacement (EM-WW)
Job No. 08-11 11/21/2012 Haiku Road Culvert Replacement
Job No. WW11-05 11/15/2012 Countywide WWPS Renovations, PhII & Lahaina No. 7 FM (EM-WW)
Job No. WW11-02 11/15/2012 Kihei No. 9 Force Main Replacement (EM-WW)
Job No. P12/005 11/14/2012 Fire Damage Repair to Little League Restroom Bldg (PARKS)
Job No. 12-23 11/08/2012 Old Courthouse Building Roof Replacement (PW-ENG)
Job No. P11/020 11/01/2012 War Memorial Little League Field ADA Improvements (PARKS)
Job No. WW09-24 11/01/2012 Lahaina WW Pump Station No. 2 Force Main Replacement (EM-WW)
Job No. WW11-06 10/31/2012 Countywide WW Pump Station Wetwell Rehab Project (EM-WW)
Job No. 12-62 rebid 10/31/2012 Kamehameha Ave At Kane Street Conduits (PW-ENG)
IFB 12-13/P-21 10/30/2012 Maui Police Dept Communications Facility, Honokohau (MPD)
IFB 12-13/P-12 10/30/2012 Maui Police Dept Communications Facility, Kahakuloa (MPD)
Job No. P12/004 10/30/2012 Wells Park ADA Improvements (PARKS)
Job No. P11/018 10/30/2012 Duke Maliu Parking Lot Extension (PARKS)
IFB 12-13/P-26 10/30/2012 Furnish/Deliver/Install Apparatus Bay Doors (FIRE)
Job No. 12-61 10/25/2012 Haiku District Resurfacing (PW-ENG)
IFB 12-13/P-20 10/23/2012 F/D One (1) Greens Aerator (Golf Course)
Job No. 12-48 10/24/2012 Lower Honoapiilani Road Slurry Seal (PW-ENG)
Job No. WW11-08 10/18/2012 Kihei WWPS No. 6, Odor Control Project
Job No. WW11-03 10/18/2012 West Maui Recycled Water Project Phase 1
IFB 12-13/P-22 10/17/2012 F/D One (1) Cab and Chassis w/1200 Gal Oil Body
IFB 12-13/P-23 10/17/2012 F/D One (1) Diesel Powered Rubber Track Asphalt Paver
IFB 12-13/P-4 10/17/2012 Furnish & Deliver One (1) Self Propelled Asphalt Sealer Applicator
IFB 12-13/P-10 10/16/2012 Maui Police Department, Communications Facility, Kaumalapau
IFB 12-13/P-19 10/16/2012 Furnish & Deliver One 4x4 Mid-Size Double Cab Pickup Truck
IFB 12 -13/P-14 10/10/2012 Furnish/Deliver/Install Twenty-One (21) V/M Exhst Fltrtn Sys.
Job No. 12-13/P-9 10/09/2012 Hana Landfill Groundwater Monitoring Well
IFB 12-13/P-13 10/02/2012 Furnish & Deliver One (1) 3,500 Gallon Tanker Truck
IFB 12-13/P-11 09/27/2012 Furnish & Deliver One (1) Hydraulic Excavator
Job No. 12-22 09/25/2012 Wailuku/Kahului District Resurfacing
Job No. 10-11/P-33 09/25/2012 Hana Landfill Detention Basin System
IFB No. 12-13/P-2 09/20/2012 Police Communications Room FM200 Fire Suppression System, Hyatt & KBC
IFB No. 12-13/P-8 09/19/2012 Furnish/Deliver/Install One (1) 60KW, 3 Phase, Propane Generator
IFB No. 12-13/P-6 09/13/2012 Furnish/Deliver One (1) Skid Steer Loader
FAP STP-A371(002) 09/12/2012 Haliimaile Road Improvements Phase 2
Job No. 10-05 09/12/2012 Wailuku Baseyard Garage Renovation
IFB 12-13/P-5 09/11/2012 Furnishing & Delivery of one (1) Wheel Loader
Job No. P12/009 09/06/2012 Coach Soichi Sakamoto Pool Repairs
Job No. 13-21 09/05/2012 Furnishing & Delivery of Global Positioning System (GPS) Equipment
Job No. 12-39 08/30/2012 South Kihei Road Resurfacing
Job No. 12-14 08/29/2012 South Kihei Road Sidewalk Inprovements
IFB No. 12-13/P-3 08/21/2012 F/D One (1) or More Thirty-Five Foot Bus(es)
Job No. P09/009 ; 08/15/2012 Baldwin Beach Park Comfort Station
fJob No. 12-62 08/08/2012 Kamehameha Ave at Kane St Traffic Signal Conduits
Job No. 12-32 08/07/2012 Upcountry District Resurfacing
IFB No. 12-13/P-1 08/07/2012 Furnishing of Asphalt Concrete & Emulsified Asphalt
IFB No. 11-2/P70 07/11/2012 F/D Cover Material to Molokai Landfill
IFB No. 11-12/P61 05/31/2012 Tires and Tubes FY13
IFB No. P11/025 06/28/2012 Nahiku Community Center
IFB No. 11-12/P68 06/27/12 Fuel FY13
IFB No. 11-12/P67 06/13/2012 Kihei Wastewater Pavement Project
IFB No. 11-12/P69 06/12/2012 Police Water Conditioning Services
Job No. 12-37 06/05/2012 PW Engineering - Speed Humps FY 12
IFB No. 11-12/P53 05/30/2012 Parks Tree Trimming - Palm Trees
IFB No. 11-12/P62 05/30/2012 Police Emergency Medical Pre-Arrival Dispatching
IFB No. 11-12/P59 05/10/2012 Parks Security Services
IFB No. 11-12/P58 05/09/2012 Police Body Armor
IFB No. 11-12/P51 05/09/2012 Police Uniforms
Job No. 12-21 05/08/2012 Lower Main Street Reconstruction
IFB No. 11-12/P56 04/18/2012 Parks Aquatic Chemicals
IFB No. 11-12/P55 04/18/2012 Police Network Testing Equipment
IFB No. 11-12/P52 04/17/2012 Parks Tree Trimming - Street Trees
IFB No. 11-12/P50 04/12/2012 Police Ammunition
IFB No. 11-12/P49 04/11/2012 Parks Portable Toilet Services
IFB No. 11-12/P48 04/11/2012 Parks Refuse Collection Services
Job No. P12/003 04/10/2012 Pa'ani Mai Skate Park Concrete
IFB No. 11-12/P47 04/10/2012 Tree Trimming - Park Trees
IFB No. 11-12/P46 04/04/2012 Summer Pals Bus Transportation (Parks)
IFB No. 11-12/P45 04/03/2012 Molokai Metals Facility Concrete Pad
IFB No. 11-12/P44 03/27/2012 One (1) Cargo Van (Police)
IFB No 11-12/P39 02/22/2012 Six (6) SUV's (Police)
IFB No. 11-12/P38 02/22/2012 Six (6) Unmarked Sedans (Police)
IFB No. 11-12/P34 02/22/2012 One (1) 4x4 Mid-Size Crewcab Pickup Truck (Police/Hana)
IFB No. 11-12/P37 02/09/2012 One (1) 3,500 Gallon Tanker Truck for the Fire Department
Job #P11/005 02/02/2012 Coach Soiki Sakamoto Pool Repairs
IFB No. 11-12/P36 01/24/2012 Repair of Infiltration and Coating of Drywell Surfaces at Kihei WW Pump Stations 2 & 3
Job No. 11-18 01/20/2012 Waiehu Heights Subdivision 60" Culvert Repair at Lot 18
IFB No. FAP #STP-3950 (007) 01/12/2012 Lono Avenue Rehabilitation - Kamehameha Ave to Laau St.
IFB No. FAP #STP-3620 (001) 01/12/2012 Pukalani Street Rehabilitation - Old Haleakala Highway to Iolani Street
IFB No P11/024 01/11/2012 Fencing Improvements at Various Parks, Department of Parks & Recreation
IFB No. 11-12/P32 12/22/2011 Refuse Truck - One 40,000 lb GVWR Truck and Chassis for Public Works Highways Division
IFB No. 11-12/P35 12/22/2011 Two (2) 3-Wheeled Parking Enforcement Vehicles (Trikes) to the Police Department, County of Maui
IFB NO. 10-11/P-38
03/01/2011 Furnishing and Delivery of Training & Issued Ammunition to the Maui Police Department, County of Maui
JOB NO. P10/008
03/03/2011 War Memorial Football Stadium Track Drainage Restoration Department of Parks & Recreation, County of Maui
Job No. 10-11/P6
09/21/2011 Kihei Police Station
JOB NO. WW08-03 11/03/2011 Alamaha Force Main Replacement
JOB NO. P11/016 11/01/2011 Wailuku Community Center Door Replacement
Job No. 11-12/P31 12/15/2011 Wailuku Fire Station Roof Repairs
Job No. 11-12/P33 12/22/2011 12 Police Fleet Vehicles