Proposed Charter Amendments 2022

Dagiti impormasion maipanggep kadagiti singasing nga enmienda ti charter a mailanadto iti balota ti Eleksion Heneral iti 2022 ket mabasayo iti Ilokano ditoy.

Section 14-3 of the Revised Charter of the County of Maui (1983), as amended ("Charter"), requires a Charter Commission to be appointed at times mandated by the Charter to study and review the operation of the government of the County under the Charter. The Charter Commission may propose amendments to the Charter or draft a new Charter.

A Charter Commission was most recently appointed in 2021. This Commission proposed 11 amendments. In accordance with State law, the Maui County Council also put forth alternative proposed amendments to two of the Charter Commission's proposals. The proposed amendments and alternatives along with the questions that will be on the 2022 County of Maui General Election ballot are detailed in the following report:

For more information about the Charter Commission and their proposals, please visit their web page.

Furthermore, Section 14-1 of the Charter authorizes the Maui County Council to initiate amendments to the Charter by resolution adopted after two readings on separate days and passed by a vote of six or more members of the Council.

The Council passed two resolutions proposing Charter amendments. Each resolution contains the proposed amendment as well as the question that will be on the 2022 County of Maui General Election ballot for the proposed amendment. The resolutions are as follows: