Wailuku - Kahului Pending Applications

This page includes selected pending applications in the Wailuku - Kahului community plan area subject to review by the Maui Planning Commission.
TMK Address Project Name
Permit No.
Staff Planner
Link to Document
(2)3-7-010:003, 009, 034
101 E Kaahumanu Ave.
Hawaiian Cement Facility Relocation at Kahului Harbor
SM1 2020/0008, SSV 2020/0001, SSA 2020/0033, EA 2020/0003
K Wollenhaupt
(2)3-6-002:003 1670 Honoapiilani Hwy
Waikapu Country Town Wastewater Reclamation Facility
SUP2 2019/0023
K Wollenhaupt
Kuikahi Drive to Onehee Ave
Greenway Project in Lieu of Vehicular Road Connection
PH2 2007/0002
K Willenbrink
(2)3-7-011:001 30 Hobron Ave
Kanaha LPG Storage Construction
SM1 2021/0001
W Bradshaw
(20 3-8-103:021 211 Lauo Loop Light Industrial Warehouse
SM1 2021/0005
W Bradshaw
(2)3-4-029:022 476 Lilihua Pl
Ai Pono Hawaii Residential Treatment Center
CUP 2020/0001
T Furukawa
(2)3-8-103:009 182 Lauo Loop Carrier Hawaii Warehouse and Wholesale Parts Building SM12022-00003

T Furukawa

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