Molokai Pending Applications

This page includes selected pending applications in the Molokai community plan area subject to review by the Molokai Planning Commission.

TMK Address Project Name
Permit No.
Staff Planner
Link to Document
(2)5-4-018:008 22 Hooula Pl
Ag shed
SMX 2019/0384
S Lopez
(2)5-4-002:001 Kamehameha V Hwy
Hotel Molokai Wastewater Facility
EA 2020/0006, SM1 2020/0017
S Lopez
 (2)5-2-011:027 Molokai Landfill Road, Hoolehua Molokai Landfill Antennas
CUP 2022/0003 T Furukawa

Contact information:

Department of Planning, Current Planning Division
Phone: (808) 270-8205