Department of Agriculture

The County of Maui’s Department of Agriculture will support the development and continued management of a sustainable regional agricultural system for Maui County, to promote resident and ecosystem health and well-being and create a thriving circular agro-economic system that can be a model for the rest of the world.


  1. Develop a sustainable regional agricultural system for Maui County.
  2. Build the economic resiliency of the county's communities by increasing opportunities in the agricultural sector.
  3. Boost resident health and food security through ensuring access to locally grown agricultural products.
  4. Promote healthy ecosystems through natural-resource regeneration and protection, including through advising other agencies and the council on all programs and projects that affect the agricultural section.
  5. Develop and implement programs to diversify and expand sustainable forms of agriculture.
  6. Report to the mayor and council annually on the County's overall performance in meeting agriculture objectives and any barriers that could be addressed by ordinance.
  7. Perform other duties and functions as assigned by the mayor or managing director. 


In November 2020, Maui County residents voted in favor of establishing the Department of Agriculture.   An agriculture advisory group was established in 2021 to come up with the initial recommendations and guidance for the establishment of the Department of Agriculture.  Through their hard work, collaboration and feedback from a variety of stakeholders and members of the public, initial recommendations were formulated for consideration. 

Agriculture Grants

Agriculture Advisory Group Members

Member Name Affiliation
Warren Watanabe MCFB
Kyle Caires  CTAHR/MCFB
Vince Mina  HFUU
Shan Tsutsui/Grant Nakama   Mahi Pono
Kimo Falconer Maui Coffee Growers Association
James Tavares  Maui Association of Landscape Professionals
David and Carol Brown Maui Flower Growers
Brendan Balthazar Maui Cattlemans Association
Buddy Nobriga Ranchers
Geoff Haines Waipoli Hydroponic Greens
Nelson Okamura Retail
Joshua "Shyloh" Stafford-Jones Agronomy
Annette Niles Kula Farmer (Ag Advisory Group)
Bobby Pahia Hoaloha Farms (Ag Advisory Group)
Ryan Duffy Hemp Growers

Agriculture Advisory Group Recommendations

Community Meeting
December 22, 2021

Community & Stakeholder Feedback

Community and Stakeholder feedback continues to be gathered and shape the direction of the establishment of the Department of Agriculture. Written comments can be sent to the Mayors Office.

Agriculture and Public Trust Committee Meeting

The Agriculture and Public Trust Committee held a meeting on January 18, 2022 to receive an update from the administration on the establishment of the Department of Agriculture. Community and Stakeholder feedback received thus far was incorporated into the revised presentation.

APT Committee Meeting
January 18, 2022

FY 23 Budget Community Meeting
March 15, 2022

Selection Committee

In order to evaluate candidates who applied to be the Director or Deputy Director of the new Department of Agriculture, a selection committee was formed utilizing the expertise of a diverse group of individuals to screen, vet and select the department leadership. 

The Selection Committee comprised of Kilia Purdy-Avelino, William Jacintho, Vince Mina, Robert "Bobby" Pahia, and Warren Watanabe. 

The Selection Committee reviewed 18 applications for the Director position, and 12 applications for the Deputy Director position.  4 applicants for Director, and 4 applicants for Deputy Director, were deemed to have met the minimum qualifications set forth in the County Charter and Code.  These 8 individuals were interviewed, and the Selection Committee unanimously recommended the selection of Rogerene "Kali" Arce and Weston Yap as the Director and Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture, respectively.   Confirmation on the appointment of Kali Arce is still pending Council action.

  1. Arce

    Rogerene "Kali" Arce


  2. Hewahewa

    Koa Hewahewa

    Deputy Director

  3. Agriculture, Department of

    Physical Address
    2154 Kaohu Street
    Wailuku, HI 93793

    Mailing Address
    200 S. High Street
    Wailuku, HI 96793