West Maui Community Plan Update 2022


The 2022 West Maui Community Plan updates the 1996 West Maui Community Plan and maps, adding new elements required by Maui County Code Chapter 2.80B and is consistent with the Countywide Policy Plan and Maui Island Plan. The updated West Maui Community Plan consists of a vision statement, goals, policies and actions to guide growth and preservation in West Maui. Resource papers provide data to support the plan’s policies and actions. The Plan was developed through an open and inclusive public process.


•    West Maui Community Plan as approved by the Maui County Council on December 17, 2021

•    Community Plan Maps (scroll down to West Maui)

•    West Maui Community Plan Web Map Viewer

•    We Are West Maui website – View Draft Plan Documents, Meeting Minutes, Presentations, Resource Papers and other information related to the update process here.