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MAPPS, Maui’s Automated Planning and Permitting System is LIVE

The County of Maui has launched MAPPS, Maui’s Automated Planning and Permitting System.

What is MAPPS?

MAPPS is a new web-based software application designed to support the County of Maui’s planning and permitting processes. MAPPS has replaced the County's legacy system, KivaNet.

A list of the permit and plan related case type applications that are now available in MAPPS can be found on the  Applications page of the MAPPS Support website.  With the launch of MAPPS on April 18, 2022, the County of Maui no longer accepts any paper applications for any new permit and plan review applications listed on the Applications page. These planning and permitting applications and any supporting documents need to be submitted online via the MAPPS system. 

Some existing applications that were submitted prior to April 18, 2022 may continue to be processed via paper. Please contact the appropriate County Department if you have any questions by visiting our Support/Help Contact Information page.

To give you an overview of MAPPS, watch the following video:

How to access MAPPS

MAPPS is a web-based system, therefore all you need to access it is a computer or device that is connected to the internet, and an internet browser (Google Chrome is the preferred and supported browser for MAPPS).

Here is a link to the MAPPS Customer Self Service portal, also known as CSS, which is the public access to the MAPPS system.

How to get started

To learn all about MAPPS, visit the MAPPS Support website, that was launched along with MAPPS to provide information and resources to teach users what is available in MAPPS and how to navigate the new MAPPS system.

On the MAPPS Support website, you will find:

The following 4-minute video will give you a tour of the MAPPS Support website: