South Maui District Resuracing (FY 2021)

Project Name

South Maui District Resurfacing (FY 2021)

Project No. 21-26                                            


Scope of Work

The project involves cold planing and resurfacing of Ohina St., Panepoo St., Palima Pl., Aone St., Hapakolu Pl., Aukani St., Umalu Pl., and Ohina Pl. in the south district of Maui,  The scope of work includes cold planing; road resurfacing; pavement striping and markers, adjustment of manholes and water valves, and other incidental items.

Hours of operation will be from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Monday thru Friday except holdays.

(Project Map)



NTP:  June 26, 2023

Contract Working Days:  90

Estimated Completion Date:  Beginning of November, 2023


Streets Involved

-Aone Street

-Alaume Street

-Aukahi Street

-Hapakolu Place

-Ohina Place

-Ohina Street

-Palima Place

-Panepoo Street

-Umalu Place



Maui Kupono Builders

309 Kamalei Circle

Kahului, HI 96732

(808) 870-4789


Contract Cost



Project Contact

Department of Public Works
 200 South High Street Suite 410
 Engineering Division 
 (808) 270-7745