Housing Division


The objective of the Housing Division is to create housing opportunities for low and moderate income residents through partnerships with community organization with the objectives of:

  • Developing long-term affordable rental housing units
  • Increasing availability of home ownership opportunities
  • Developing special needs housing with appropriate support services

Many of these activities are conducted through grants awarded to community non-profit organizations.

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The County of Maui has published a public notice in the Maui News and is also available here.

The notice provides information concerning updates to project selection for federal funding. 
Comments from the public are being accepted until November 30, 2023


  • Specifically, the Housing Division is responsible for the following programs and activities:Section 8 Rental Assistance Program
  • Monitoring of employee/affordable housing conditions
  • Administration of HOME Investment Partnership Program funds, which assists in expanding affordable housing opportunities
  • Promotion of fair housing practices in the County of Maui
  • Providing technical and financial assistance to facilitate the approval and development of affordable housing projects assisting low income families
  • Secure housing rehabilitation loans and/or grants
  • Monitoring the management of County-owned rental housing projects
  • First Time Homebuyers Assistance Program
  • Affordable Housing Fund Program
  • Reviewing and monitoring of Residential Workforce Housing Policy - Chapter 2.96, Maui County Code

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