Housing Division

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

The Housing Division is open to the public. Please wear a mask and bring a pen with you. As an alternative to visiting in-person, you are encouraged to call the office for assistance.
To reach the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, please dial (808) 270-7751.
To reach the Housing Administration, please dial (808) 270-7351.


The objective of the Housing Division is to create housing opportunities for low and moderate income residents through partnerships with community organization with the objectives of:
  • Developing long-term affordable rental housing units
  • Increasing availability of home ownership opportunities
  • Developing special needs housing with appropriate support services
Many of these activities are conducted through grants awarded to community non-profit organizations.

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Specifically, the Housing Division is responsible for the following programs and activities:
  • Section 8 Rental Assistance Program
  • Monitoring of employee/affordable housing conditions
  • Administration of HOME Investment Partnership Program funds, which assists in expanding affordable housing opportunities
  • Promotion of fair housing practices in the County of Maui
  • Providing technical and financial assistance to facilitate the approval and development of affordable housing projects assisting low income families
  • Secure housing rehabilitation loans and/or grants
  • Monitoring the management of County-owned rental housing projects
  • First Time Homebuyers Assistance Program
  • Affordable Housing Fund Program
  • Reviewing and monitoring of Residential Workforce Housing Policy - Chapter 2.96, Maui County Code

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