Community Class Program

The mission of the Department of Parks and Recreation is, “to provide safe and satisfying opportunities for the residents and visitors of Maui County.” One of the primary ways for the County of Maui Department of Parks and Recreation to meet this goal is through the community class program as it provides an affordable recreational opportunity for residents throughout all of the park districts. Private instructors in the community are used to supplement the department’s existing programs to address the recreational needs in this community. Classes such as hula, aerobics, martial arts, and swimming, are available just to name a few.

Class Fees
Class fees are no more than $5 per hour for children and youth ages 18 and under and Senior 55 and older. Fees for adults are no more than $8 per hour.

Available Classes
For more information about specific classes please see our Current Community Class List. If interested in any class please contact instructor directly for additional information. Participant Registration forms are available below to be filled out, printed, and given to class instructor.

How to Become a Community Class Instructor
Anyone interested in becoming a Community Class instructor must first complete the Proposed Instructor Request Form and must also adhere to the Department of Parks and Recreation's Community Class Policies and Procedures. After Instructor request form is received and approved instructors will need to provide the following before permitting process can begin:

Instructor Requirements
  1. A money order in the amount of $14.75 made payable to "State Director of Finance". The fee covers the cost of background checks and fingerprinting processing.
  2. A valid State of Hawaii General Excise Tax license
  3. A copy of a valid $1,000,000 (one million dollar) general liability insurance policy with the County of Maui listed as an additionally insured party. Address should read 200 High St. Wailuku, Hi 96793
  4. Current resume, certifications, and letters of recommendation

Forms and Additional Information