Baldwin Beach Park Planning Projects (including Lower Pāʻia Park and Wawau Point (Baby Beach))

Project Description

In 2014, the County acquired 30 acres of former A&B land between the existing Baldwin Beach Park and Lower Pāʻia Park.  With this acquisition, the park doubled in size and created a contiguous open space over half a mile long leading into Pāʻia Town.  With this new opportunity came an obligation to articulate a long-term vision to guide future planning, projects and specific actions at the park.   Additionally, in 2022 the County acquired an additional 23 acres of former A&B land from the existing Baldwin Beach Park to Wawau Point.

From 2018 through 2020, the DPR worked with consultants and the community to develop the Interim Baldwin Beach Park Master Plan.  Since the completion of the Interim Master Plan, and following severe coastal hazard events that damaged the pavilion, it became apparent that additional studies and planning were needed to move forward the vision outlined in the Interim Master Plan, prepare for sea level rise and coastal hazards, and plan for the management of the new lands.  

The Beach Park Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Study identifies Baldwin as having a medium adaptation potential and the recommended adaptation strategy is to “restore dunes and/or preserve wetlands”.  Technical studies have recently been completed and others planning processes are scheduled to begin in the coming years, including a Management Plan for the newly acquired lands and an Adaptation Plan for the region.  Additionally, the University of Hawaiʻi Sea Grant Program is working on a dune restoration plan for the region.

Baldwin Beach Park

Project Status and Schedule

The technical studies were completed in early 2023.  The Baldwin Beach Park Dunes and Wawau Point Management Plan will begin in early 2024 and the Adaptation Plan’s start date is to be determined.


Interim Baldwin Beach Park Master Plan (May 2021)

Technical studies:

              Traffic Impact Analysis Report

              Cultural Impact Assessment

              Flora and Fauna Survey

              Preliminary Engineering Report

Dune Restoration Plan

Beach Park Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Study - Park Profile for Baldwin Beach


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