Firearms Information and Procedures

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Wailuku Police Station
Monday - Thursday ONLY (excluding holidays)
9:00 am – 3:00 pm
(808) 244-6355


Please contact the Lana’i and Moloka’i stations for their specific firearm hours.

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  1.          Permits to Acquire          
  2.       Firearm Registration          
  3. Concealed Carry

Permits to Acquire

Please Note: The in-state acquisition of any firearm in Hawaii requires an approved State of Hawaii Permit to Acquire. 

Basic application prerequisites:

  • Applicants must be a United States Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (conditional LPR status not applicable).
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • No felony-level crime of violence, or drug sale convictions (in any state).
  • Must not be restrained by a Temporary Restraining Order or Protective Order issued in any state.


The application must be completed in-person at the Records Section of the Maui Police Department, Wailuku, Maui or at the Lana’i and Moloka’i police stations. Please review the following information carefully as incomplete applications will not be processed. 

Step 1 – All first-time applicants, and renewals occurring on or after December 4th, 2016, bring with you:

  • A Valid government-issued photo identification (must not be expired);
  • Hawaii Hunter’s Education card, Hawaii Hunting License, or a handgun safety training course affidavit (required for handgun permits only). The affidavit must be compliant with HRS §134-2 (g)(4)
  • Fingerprinting fee - cashier's check or money order only for $43.25 payable to the County of Maui, Department of Finance. Note: If you have already paid a firearms fingerprint fee in Maui County on or after December 4, 2016 you will not be charged an additional fee for subsequent applications.
  • Your U.S. issued birth certificate; or
  • If born outside of the United States, proof of U.S citizenship, (valid US Passport, original Naturalization Certificate, or Consular Report of Birth Abroad); or
  • Valid Lawful Permanent Resident Card - Form I-551 (Green Card) if applicable. (conditional LPR status not acceptable).

Step 2 – To be completed in-person at the Wailuku, Lana’i, or Moloka’i police station:

  • MPD Firearms questionnaire form;
  • State of Hawaii Permit to Acquire Firearm application; 
  • If firearm to be acquired is a handgun, you must know the caliber, make, action, and source at time of application;
  • State of Hawaii Adult Mental Health Division’s Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Protected Health Information waiver form;
  • MPD Juvenile firearms clearance waiver (if under 25 years of age);
  • Fingerprint card and photograph; 
  • MPD State and National Criminal History Records Check Consent and Notification Form;
  • You will be provided with a copy of the FBI Privacy Act Statement, including an explanation of those rights, and an excerpt from CFR 28, §16.34 regarding your right and the procedure to change, correct, or update your identification records with the FBI CJIS Division.  You must sign for receipt of this document at the time of application.

All forms are to be completed and signed in the presence of Maui Police Department Staff. Failure to complete any part of Steps 1 and 2 will constitute an incomplete application, which will not be processed. 

Step 3 – Mandatory 14 to 20-day waiting period. 

  • You will be provided with a dated pick-up reminder slip at the time of application. On or after the specified date, call the phone number on the slip to verify your permit has been approved before coming in. 
  • If your permit is denied, you will be provided with written notice by mail. 
  • If your permit is approved, you must pick it up in person at the Maui Police Department Records Section (or Lana’i or Moloka’i police stations). Bring your photo ID.
  • Permits are not generally mailed, faxed or released to anyone other than the applicant. If you wish to have your permit mailed to you, please provide MPD with a postage-paid USPS Registered Mail 9x12 envelope. 
  • Permits not picked up by the 14th day after clearance will be voided. Applicants will be required to reapply and another mandatory 14-day waiting period will apply, so please plan accordingly.
  • Upon issuance, long gun (rifle/shotgun) permits will be valid for one year. Pistol/revolver permits are valid for ten days and only for the specific transaction identified on the permit. 
  • Please return expired permits in your possession to MPD staff as soon as possible. 

Applicable Laws