Coastal Zone Management Program


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The United States Congress enacted the federal Coastal Zone Management Act in 1972. To comply with the Act, the Hawaii State Legislature passed Public Law 92-583: The Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Act of 1977.

The State law contains a number of wide ranging objectives and policies. These are intended to guide the conservation and development of land and water resources within the coastal zone in light of competing demands for limited and sensitive coastal resources. Hawaii’s designated coastal zone includes all land areas of the state and extends seaward three miles to the limit of the state’s jurisdiction.

Federal Level

At the federal level, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) administers the federal coastal zone management program and regularly evaluates each participating State's coastal management programs to ensure consistency and provide funding of coastal projects and programs.

State Level

At the State level, the Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Program (HICZMP) uses a broad management framework to integrate decisions made by state and county agencies and provide greater coordination of existing laws and rules. The HICZMP administers the programs federal financing and ensures that both state and county agencies comply with CZM law.

State agencies such as the Land Use Commission, the Department of Lands and Natural Resources, Department of Health, Department of Transportation and Department of Agriculture frequently participate in the HICZMP. To date, 34 of 35 eligible States have federally-approved programs with NOAA first approving Hawaii’s coastal zone management program in September 1978.

The Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Act provides Maui County with regulatory control and authority over all development within Special Management Areas (SMA) and Shoreline Setback Areas (SSA) of the Isle's coastal zone.


The Maui County Planning Department administers the HICZMP by providing permitting and assessment, a Shoreline Access Report that provides an inventory of shoreline access points, and technical support for beach restoration and nourishment activities.

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