Countywide Policy Plan

Countywide Policy Plan - Council Adopted 3/24/2010


The Countywide Policy Plan is the first component of the decennial General Plan update. The Countywide Policy Plan acts as an over-arching values statement and provides a policy framework for the Maui Island Plan and Community Plans. The Countywide Policy Plan provides broad goals, objectives, policies, and implementing actions that portray the desired direction of the County's future. This includes:

  1. A vision statement and core values for the County to the year 2030
  2. An explanation of the plan-making process
  3. A description and background information regarding Maui County today
  4. Identification of guiding principles
  5. A list of countywide goals, objectives, policies, and implementing actions related to the following core themes:
  • Protect the Natural Environment
  • Preserve Local Cultures and Traditions
  • Improve Education
  • Strengthen Social and Healthcare Services
  • Expand Housing Opportunities for Residents
  • Strengthen the Local Economy
  • Improve Parks and Public Facilities
  • Diversify Transportation Options
  • Improve Physical Infrastructure
  • Promote Sustainable Land Use and Growth Management
  • Strive for Good Governance