General Plan 2030

The Maui County General Plan is a long-term, comprehensive blueprint for the physical, economic, environmental development and cultural identity of the county.

The Countywide Policy Plan
The Countywide Policy Plan, adopted on 3/24/2010, provides broad goals, objectives, policies, and implementing actions that portray the desired direction of the County's future. Furthermore, this Countywide Policy Plan provides the policy framework for the development of the Maui Island Plan and the nine Community Plans. The Countywide Policy Plan is the outgrowth of, and includes the elements of the earlier General Plans of 1980 and 1990.

The Maui Island Plan
The Maui Island Plan adopted on 12/28/2012, establishes urban and rural growth areas that indicate where development is intended and will be supported. Growth areas will provide for less costly services, reduced commuting, protection of community character and the preservation of agriculture, open space and cultural and natural resources.

The plan comprises goals, policies, programs and actions which are based on an assessment of current and future needs and available resources.

The plan becomes the principal tool for the County and its citizens to use when evaluating public and private projects on Maui island and their impacts on land use, the economy, environment, infrastructure, and cultural resources.

Community Plans

Each of the nine community plans should provide recommendations concerning land use, density and design, transportation, community facilities, infrastructure, visitor accommodations, commercial and residential areas and other matters related to development that are specific to the region of the plan.

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