Police Reports

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To obtain a copy of a police report, schedule property pick up or for covered offender registration appointments, 
PLEASE CALL (808) 244-6355
(8:30am – 3:30pm, M-F excluding weekends and holidays)

How to Obtain a Copy of a Police and/or Vehicle Accident Report

  1. Contact the Police Department Records section to find out what documentation and/or information is required. Depending on the type of incident report, information requirements may vary.
  2. Complete a Police Report Request Form. A Police Request form will not be processed without a signed authorization.
  3. No fees will be collected for report copies under 25 pages in length. Fees may be charged for multiple requests or voluminous records ($0.25 per page/$5.00 per CD-R) at agency discretion.
  4. Forms: Police Report Request Form
  5. Payment: We accept cash (no bills over $20 please), personal checks, money orders, and cashier's checks.
  6. Reports may be picked up or mailed. Reports are not emailed or faxed.

Fingerprinting Services

  1. Fingerprinting (ink-rolled) may be done at the Wailuku, Kihei, Lahaina, Hana, Moloka'i, and Lana'i stations. Digital prints are not available for employment and/or licensing purposes.
  2. You must provide an addressed/postage paid 9"x12" envelope. The Police Department will mail the prints to
    the agency requesting the prints in order to maintain the integrity of the fingerprints.
  3. Fees: Fingerprinting fees are $25 per fingerprint card (effective 7/2012).
  4. Payment: Accepted payment options are certified cashier's check, (no personal checks accepted) or money order made payable to: "County of Maui Department of Finance".

Criminal Abstracts

(Shows Hawaii Convictions ONLY)
  1. You have two options to access a criminal abstract:
    1. Use the public terminal located in the lobby of the Wailuku Police Station or
    2. The State of Hawaii's online Adult Criminal Information Site. Located at https://ecrim.ehawaii.gov/ahewa/
  2. Fees: If you use the public terminal at Wailuku Police Station the cost is $25 per print out. Fees associated with using the Adult Criminal Information site are posted on that site.
  3. Payment: Criminal abstract printouts paid for in cash or money order/cashier's check made payable to "County of Maui Department of Finance".