Police Reports & Other Services

Please email us at [email protected] to request a police report.

Stay tuned! New MPD online Police Report Request portal coming soon!

To obtain a copy of a police report, please email, fax, or mail your request to MPD.

Submit your request via e-mail to: [email protected] (preferred)
  via fax to: (808) 244-6418
  via mail to: MPD Records Section
55 Mahalani Street
Wailuku, HI 96793

Please include your email address, phone number, and a legible copy of your photo ID with your request. Reports will be returned electronically if possible to minimize the use of paper resources. In most cases, you should receive your report within 10 business days.

New MPD Police Report Request Portal Coming Soon! Stay tuned!

Tips on Getting Your Police Report Without Delays: 

  1. Know your police report number or the date, time, and location of your incident or accident. 
  2. Qualified Requesters should complete a Police Report Request Form. A Police Report Request form will not be processed without a signed authorization if you are not a qualified requester*.
  3. Email, fax, or mail the form to MPD at the address above or include the needed information from the form in your emailed request. 
  4. All requests should be accompanied by a legible photocopy of your government issued photo I.D. 
  5. No fees will be collected for report copies under 25 pages in length. Fees may be charged for multiple requests or voluminous records ($0.25 per page/$5.00 per CD-R) at agency discretion. Search and segregation fees may be charged appropriately for all public records requests (HAR §2-71-31 , HAR §2-71-19). We accept cash, money orders, personal checks, or cashier’s checks. No credit or debit cards. 

* What is a Qualified Requester?

A qualified requester is a person involved in an incident or accident as either a victim, offender, driver, vehicle owner, involved pedestrian, or the owner of damaged or stolen property. Anonymous callers and uninvolved 3rd parties may receive police reports in redacted form only in order to protect the identity and privacy rights of those involved. 

A signed authorization from a qualified requester allows MPD to release a specific report(s) to an authorized representative or agency.  This authorization must be accompanied by a photocopy of the qualified requester’s photo I.D. 

Qualified requesters or authorized representatives may receive either preliminary reports or complete police reports depending on the severity and prosecution status of the associated criminal matter. The Maui Police Department will release and/or withhold all necessary information in accordance with the Hawaii Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA) Hawaii Revised Statutes §92F

Fingerprinting Services

  1. Fingerprinting (ink-rolled) may be done at the Wailuku, Kihei, Lahaina, Hana, Moloka'i, and Lana'i stations. Digital prints are not available for employment and/or licensing purposes.
  2. You must provide an addressed/postage paid 9"x12" envelope. The Police Department will mail the prints to
    the agency requesting the prints in order to maintain the integrity of the fingerprints.
  3. Fees: Fingerprinting fees are $25 per fingerprint card (effective 7/2012).
  4. Payment: Accepted payment options are certified cashier's check, (no personal checks accepted) or money order made payable to: "County of Maui Department of Finance".

Criminal Abstracts

(Shows Hawaii Convictions ONLY)
  1. You have two options to access a criminal abstract:
    1. Use the public terminal located in the lobby of the Wailuku Police Station or
    2. The State of Hawaii's online Adult Criminal Information Site. Located at https://ecrim.ehawaii.gov/ahewa/
  2. Fees: If you use the public terminal at Wailuku Police Station the cost is $25 per print out. Fees associated with using the Adult Criminal Information site are posted on that site.
  3. Payment: Criminal abstract printouts paid for in cash or money order/cashier's check made payable to "County of Maui Department of Finance".