Child Care & Pre-Schools

Resources Selecting Quality Child Care
Pre-school programs provide education and care for children ages two to five. They are licensed by the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services (DHS) to provide full or part-day programs. Please note, pre-school programs for special education at area public elementary schools are exempt from DHS licensing.


Caregivers / Teachers:
  • Seem to really like children
  • Children are greeted when they arrive
  • Trained and experienced in early childhood education
  • Trained in CPR and first aid
  • Tell you what your child is doing everyday
  • Always ready to answer your questions
  • Children and caregivers enjoy being together
  • Enough staff to serve the number of children
  • Children's needs quickly met, even when busy
  • Parents' ideas are welcome
  • Ways for parents to get involved

In General
  • You can hear the sounds of happy children
  • Children are comforted when needed
  • You agree with the discipline practices
  • Is the program licensed or regulated?
  • Will your children be happy there?
  • Daily balance of play, story time, activities, and nap time
  • Enough toys and learning materials for the number of children
  • Toys are clean, safe, and within reach of the children
  • Activities appropriate for each age group

  • Atmosphere is bright and pleasant
  • There is a fenced-in outdoor play area
  • A variety of safe and age appropriate play equipment
  • Caregivers can see entire playground at all times and actively supervise play
  • Different areas are available for resting, quiet play, and active play
  • Enough space for children in all areas