Wall Of Honor

Those We Remember
In memory of our comrades who have died in the Line of Duty, We shall never forget your Dedication, Service, and Ultimate Sacrifice!

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Harry K.W. Fung
10/01/40 - 11/19/41
 One Year One Month of Service
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Frank A. F. Kong
11/01/41 - 07/11/52
10 Years Eight Months of Service
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William F. Roback Sr.
02/01/27 - 04/13/58
31 Years Two Months of Service

Gene V. Williams

Gene V. Williams
06/01/95 - 08/09/99
Five Years Two Months of Service
Cerilo "Bambi" Agarano, Jr.

Cerilo "Bambi" Agarano, Jr.
10/01/79 - 11/09/99
20 Years One Month of Service