Office of the County Clerk


State of Hawaii Elections Proclamation - May 15, 2020

Public Notice of Initial Ballot Package Mailing

In accordance with Section 11-103 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes, notice is hereby given that initial primary ballot packages for registered voters of Maui County will be mailed out on July 14, 2020. Voters may receive their ballot packages as soon as July 15, 2020. If you are a registered voter and have not received your ballot package by July 21, 2020, please call the Maui County Office of the County Clerk at 808-270-7749 to verify the status of your ballot package.

Notice of Sole Source Procurement

  • For information related to Council meetings, public hearings, special Council meetings, and County records, call the County Clerk's Legislative Division at (808) 270-7748.
  • For information related to elections, voter registration, or precinct information, call the County Clerk's Elections Division at (808) 270-7749.
  • View Proposed State of Hawaii 2011 Legislative Reapportionment Plans.
  • For birth, death, marriage, and divorce records, visit the State Department of Health or call (808) 586-4533.
  • For land documents, visit the Bureau of Conveyances, State Department of Land and Natural Resources, or call (808) 587-0147.
  • For Maui County District and Circuit Court, contact the State Judiciary at (808) 244-2823.
  • For claims for property damage or personal injury, click here.

Legislative Responsibilities
The Office of the County Clerk is one of two support agencies of the Maui County Council. The Clerk’s Office receives and maintains certain public records and makes them available to the public, the legislative and executive branches of the County of Maui, and other government agencies.

Election Responsibilities
The office is also responsible for the elections in the County of Maui and the County of Kalawao. It assists the State Office of Elections in meeting all Federal, State, and County election requirements and in the implementation of programs to increase voter registration and participation. For more elections information, visit the County Clerk's Elections Division.


The mission of the Office of the County Clerk is to:
  • Present information to the County Council, County departments, and the public through the agenda process
  • Provide professional service to the public
  • Ensure the integrity and accessibility of public records
  • Ensure the integrity of the election process
  • Support the mission, goals, and programs of the County Council