Victim Witness Assistance Division


The Victim Witness Assistance Division was started in 1982 as a unit of the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney. The division is a part of the state-wide network of victim / witness services provided under the guidelines of the State Attorney General.

The division's purpose is to help ensure that victims and witnesses are treated with compassion, dignity, understanding and respect by the criminal justice system.

The division primarily assists in cases of serious violent crimes including:
  • Homicide
  • Sexual assaults
  • Offenses involving child victims
  • Abuse of household members
  • Robbery and physical assaults
Assistance is given also to other victims of non-violent crimes who have special requests or needs.

Victim Witness Survey

The Department of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office - Victim Witness Program would greatly appreciate your time and cooperation in completing this short survey to rate your experience with our program. Your feedback will help us assess the effectiveness of our services and make positive changes. The goal of this survey is to understand your experience with our Victim Witness Program and your Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and Victim Witness Counselor(s) that you worked with.


  • Crisis and short-term counseling
  • Referral for financial assistance and social services
  • Case information and notification
  • Preparation for court testimony
  • Court accompaniment
  • Explanation of the judicial system; Return Witness Program for visitors
  • Victim Impact Statement
  • Advocacy for victim rights

Services are offered at no cost. To receive assistance please call (808) 270-7695.