Hana Bridges Preservation Plan

This Final Preservation Plan for the County of Maui Bridges within the Hana Highway Historic District has been prepared in partial fulfillment of a conditional finding of no significant effect by the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD), the Department of Land and Natural Resources, and the State of Hawaii for the proposed replacement of Papahawahawa Bridge, which is located within the Hana Highway Historic District.

The condition states that "A preservation Plan for County-owned bridges will be prepared prior to replacement of any subsequent County bridge. The DPWWM will work cooperatively with the SHPD toward preparing a preservation plan acceptable to both agencies."

The Final Preservation Plan represents the culmination of community and agency involvement through public meetings as well as public review and comment of Revised Draft Preservation Plan dated May 2001. On December 3, 2001 the SHPD concurred with this preservation plan.