Programs & Support

Kakoo Pono Volunteer Program
Kakoo Pono Volunteer Program is a project of the Victim / Witness Assistance Division initiated to recruit volunteers from the community. It is essential to tap into the victims' natural support system to assist them through the labyrinth of the Criminal Justice System. Volunteers are provided through training and assigned duties such as court accompaniment, victim support and advocate, clerical support and other related duties.

Child Witness
Special attention is given to the child witness. A victim / witness counselor will meet with the child, explain what will be occurring, and address fears and concerns in an age appropriate manner. The counselor will accompany the child to any court appearances, and will keep the family aware of the case status.

Homicide & Negligent Homicide Support
Victim / witness counselors are available to provide individual support counseling for the family members and friends of homicide and negligent homicide victims. Assistance is also provided in preparing them for the rigors of court proceedings. Immediate family members are assisted to apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Commission for reimbursement of funeral expenses. When further needs arise, referrals to other community agencies are provided.

Return Witness Program
Visitors to Maui unfortunately fall victim to criminal activity during their vacation stay. Through the cooperation of the Maui Hotel Association, and selected car rental companies, the return of witnesses from the continental United States as well as foreign countries to testify in our court proceedings is greatly facilitated. Complementary ground transportation, and room accommodations can usually be arranged.