Postponed Cases

For various reasons a case may be continued. Sometimes a continuance may be ordered before you appear in court. We will make every effort to contact you and advise you that you need not appear on the date indicated on the subpoena. It is, however, a good idea to call the Prosecuting Attorney's Office on the day of your scheduled appearance to confirm the necessity for your appearance.

At other times, a continuance is sought on the date you appear. The Prosecuting Attorney's Office is not always able to prevent such a continuance. The Hawaii Revised Statutes provides that when proceedings have been continued, the Prosecuting Attorney's Office need not issue another subpoena.

If you are contacted by a representative of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office and advised that the date to appear has been changed, you will be expected to appear on the new date and time. It is as binding as the original subpoena and can carry the same consequences if you fail to appear.