Shoreline Setback Area Permits

Embedded in the SMA assessment process is the imposition of setbacks for development activities that fall within close proximity to the shoreline. Additional restrictions apply to developments and/or activities within the SSA. The additional restrictions seek to maximize a property owner's protection from coastal hazards while preserving coastal amenities and shoreline access for the public.

Shoreline Setback Approval
Shoreline properties include those abutting, adjacent, across from and/or in proximity to the shoreline. The Planning Department issues a Shoreline Setback Approval for those activities and/or structures that are explicitly allowed in the SSA. The Department also issues a Shoreline Setback Determination indicating that calculating the shoreline setback area was done properly and correctly.

Shoreline Setback Variance
A Shoreline Setback Variance is required for those activities and/or structures not permitted within the SSA. For example, most hardening structures such as seawalls, geotextile sea bags, groins, and revetments may require a variance from regulatory prohibition that is approved by the Maui County Planning Commission. Shoreline permits, like SMA permits, may include certain conditions or requirements before the proposed structure and/or activity is allowed to proceed.

Permit Applications