Advertised Competitive Sealed Bidding

Purchase Awards
Purchase awards for goods and services and Construction of $25,000 or more are made through competitive sealed bidding after advertising in a local newspaper of general circulation.

When the use of competitive sealed bidding is determined to be either not practicable or not advantageous, awards for the purchase of goods, services and construction may be made through solicitation of requests for proposals.

Bid Documents
Bid documents for the purchase of goods, services, and construction are issued through the Purchasing Division. The bid document specifies the requirements or scope of work, specifications and terms and conditions for the furnishing of goods, services, or construction to meet the needs of County departments.

Bid specifications are prepared to be adequate and suitable to meet the County's needs. Bidders must comply with the bid requirements specified by the bid document. The requirements of the bid document becomes the requirements of the contract for the purchase of goods, services, or construction. Award is made to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder whose bid meets or exceeds the requirements set forth in the bid document.