Hawaii Deposit Beverage Container Program (HI5)

Hawaii State HI5 LogoReduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Redeem
The intent of this program is to increase recycling throughout the State of Hawaii, reduce litter from bottles and cans and recycle as many beverage containers in the State of Hawaii as possible. Every year, approximately 900 million beverage containers are sold in the State. For more information targeted for the various businesses affected by the program, view the State's program HI5 website.

Redeemable Containers and Deposit
The Program places a $0.05 redeemable deposit on each beverage container labeled with HI5. Beverage containers must be 2 liters (68 oz.) or smaller, made of glass, plastic, aluminum, or bi-metal.

Acceptable Containers Include:
Water, soda, juice, tea, coffee, beer, mixed spirits (less than 15% alcohol content), and wine coolers (less than 7% alcohol content).

Unacceptable Containers Include:
Milk, wine, liquor and all containers larger then 2 liter containers.

Prepare to Redeem

  • Empty containers completely - No liquids, food or trash
  • Remove caps from all bottles
  • Do NOT remove labels
  • Sort by material type, aluminum, glass, plastic, bi-metal
  • Aluminum cans may be flattened except when using reverse vending machines

HI5 Redemption Locations
Click here for HI5 Redemption Center locations in the County of Maui.

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