Tax Relief Programs


There are a variety of tax relief programs offered to qualifying property owners. The following are some of the most popular programs:

Homeowner Exemption and Classification

If you own and occupy your property as your principal residence on December 31 preceding the tax year, you are eligible for a homeowner exemption and tax rate classification. Homeowners must apply for a homeowner exemption by filing a claim form with our office.

Disability Exemptions

There are a variety of disability exemptions offered to property owners. To qualify for any of these exemptions, a claim form must be filed with our office.

Circuit Breaker Credits

If you qualify for a homeowner exemption and your real property taxes exceed 2.0% of your gross income, you may be eligible for a circuit breaker tax credit. To apply for this credit, you must file an application with our office and provide signed copies of your IRS Tax Account Transcript and IRS Tax Return Transcript. Applications are available and accepted August 1st thru December 31st.