Request for Service - Disclaimer

Anonymous Complaint Policy

The County of Maui’s policy is to not research or investigate anonymous complaints. Effective immediately, all COM Connect requests received as of March 1, 2011 will be received with the understanding that the requestor’s name will be disclosed to the alleged offender upon request, except for complaints regarding short-term vacation rentals which may be submitted anonymously.

The County of Maui’s COM Connect program is an important connection between government and our community. The intent of the system is to help improve the County’s ability to provide service to and meet the needs of our community. The intent was not to supplant the judicial system.

Additionally, all complaints received through the online COM Connect will only be investigated upon the verification of the true existence of the complainant which will be done through a verification of the complainant's legal name and contact information. The complainant’s contact information will not be disclosed to the alleged offender."

Yes, I agree to the above policy.

Requesting a Specific Government Record

If you are requesting a specific government record, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST HERE. Directly contact the County Department you believe holds the record to make your request. For a list of County Departments please click the following link:
For parcel information, search County of Maui Public Documents by Tax Map Key (TMK) number

 State of Hawaii Office of Information Practices

For more information on requesting government records. visit the State of Hawaii Office of Information Practices.
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