Automated Residential Collection Guidelines

How to Use Your New Collection Cart
Each cart is identified by a serial number assigned to your address. Record your cart number and keep the record with other important household papers. Do not deface or conceal this number.
  • Place all acceptable residential refuse in your new cart.
  • No additional trash bags or loose items may be left out for pick-up.
  • Allow five feet of clearance between the cart and fences, mailboxes, or other obstructions.
Curb Placement Image Curb Placement Image
Preparation Guidelines For Your Collection Cart
  • Drain and bag wet garbage and food scraps
  • Avoid spillage (overloaded carts will not be emptied)
  • Clean your cart periodically

Do Not:
  • Overload your cart (The lid must be closed)
  • Place liquids in the cart
  • Push or pull the cart with the lid open
  • Block direct access to the cart
  • Park vehicles in front of the cart
  • Take the cart from your property if you move (carts are the property of the County)
  • Place bulky or heavy items in the cart, such as:
    • Large tree limbs
    • Appliances
    • Furniture
    • Engine parts
    • Concrete

    • Concrete blocks
    • Rocks
    • Soil
    • Scrap wood
    • Construction materials