Land Permit Map Viewer

Map Based Land and Permit Information Viewer
This site allows you to look up land and permit information graphically by querying a parcel map, TMK number, address, ownership or permit type and number.

Map Based Land and Permit Information Viewer
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System Requirements
  • Internet Explorer versions (7, 8, or 9)
  • Turn off pop-up blocker

New and Improved Functionality Now Available!
The County of Maui parcel map viewer has been updated to provide you with more parcel information and improved data download formatting.

More Data!!
Additional parcel and permit information has been added to the mapping service. When you select a parcel and print it, the associated parcel and permit information will print on the same document.

Download Data!!
Selected parcels and buffer information can be downloaded to a comma separated file (.csv) or an .xml file. The .csv file format has been improved to make it easier to create mailing labels using Excel or other applications that import .csv files.

Map Information
The map presented contains the following map layers:

The State and FEMA layers are not official and are for presentation purposes only. Please refer to these links for additional map information.