Sewer Billings

Sewer bills are processed every month with your water bill by the Department of Water Supply. Sewer user fees for single and multi-family dwellings are based on the number of dwelling units and is comprised of a base charge and a water usage charge with a 9000 gallon per month usage ceiling charge for single-family dwellings and a 6000 gallon per month usage ceiling charge for multi-family dwellings. The fee for non-residential users is comprised of a base charge and a variable water usage charge. 
 The rates are regulated by the EPA. Federal regulations mandate that each customer class pay its equitable share of the treatment cost and that revenues collected are adequate to operate and maintain the waste water facilities.

Sewer User Fees

Private haulers will be assessed a fee of $120.00 per 1,000 gallons.

Recycled Water Rates

Type of Customer (volume charge per 1,000 gallons)

Major agriculture*$0.30
All other users$1.55
Monthly service charge in addition to the above reclaimed water usage charges (per meter)
$10.00 (per meter)

*Major agriculture consumers means those agriculture consumer, including golf courses, that use more than three million gallons of reclaimed water per day based on average daily flow, or that have more than 400 acres served by the reclamation water distribution system, or that have any pasture land served by the reclaimed water distribution system.

**Agriculture uses means those agriculture uses, when using reclaimed water, that are regulated by the State of Hawaii department of health.

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