Beach Restoration and Nourishment Activities


Shoreline protection, conservation and restoration projects are a major objective of the County's Coastal Zone Management Program.

The Planning Department works closely with the Hawaii Office of Coastal & Conservation Lands to facilitate long-term solutions to coastal erosion and coastal hazards.

Sea Grant Program

Technical assistance provided through the University of Hawaii’s Sea Grant Program and financial assistance provided by the Hawaii State Coastal Zone
Inventory of Shoreline Access Points
Management Program support a wide range of management options for shoreline protection.

Site visits, regularly scheduled communication, and networking with other coastal practitioners assists Maui County in using recent research results and technologies to improve coastal protection and shoreline conservation.

Shoreline Access Report

The Planning Department also provides a Shoreline Access Report with an Inventory of Shoreline Access Points to help the public identify locations where they can gain access to coastal resources and ocean amenities.

Other Reports